Our hard-working volunteers have been the true ”heroes behind the scenes” during the Finals 2018 week! However, let’s now turn the spotlight to the saviors who have been making sure to treat the hungry, low-energy volunteers all week – the food and beverage team from the Åre Hotel and Restaurant School!

Colorful salads, tasty home-cooked classics and vegetarian options have been served by the Åre Hotel and Restaurant School to refill the empty stomachs and refuel the tired volunteers at the FIS World Cup Finals Åre 2018. Every day, lovely scent of home-cooked food has met you when entering the Volunteer Center where you’re warmly welcomed by smiling representatives from the Åre Restaurant School. The week’s menus have had one recurring theme: Really good and tasty food with both traditional and refreshing taste combinations.

Samuel is a first-year student at the Åre Restaurant School and one of the members of the team working in the volunteer tent serving food to the hungry volunteers.

– It’s really fun to be part of an event like this. You see the full scope of our work and it is nice to get a chance to test how it really works outside of the school kitchen and of your teacher’s supervision. You learn to take responsibility and get real-life insight into working life.

There are 37 students currently studying in the three classes of the Restaurant School and from each year’s class, there are some students involved in the cooperation with the World Cup Finals 2018, in one way or another. Typically, three chefs have been cooking the food in the Restaurant School’s facilities which then was transported to the volunteer center and VIP hospitality location in the Arena. Other students have been helping to serve and manage the food on site. The length of the days has varied somewhat given weather conditions and event program. Samuel describes his typical day:

– I normally start at 8 o’clock in the Restaurant School’s kitchen and help prepare the food. We then handle its transport to the different locations and help serve it for the volunteers. Sometimes we have worked at night and on the weekend too so it’s been fun to have different routines.

Samuel likes working at an event and hopes to later have his own restaurant that might even offer services to different events.

Thomas Xanazzi, a food & beverage consultant for the Audi FIS World Cup Finals 2018, emphasizes the importance of having the students involved in the event on a very practical level.

– It is wonderful for the students to get this practical experience and a chance to experience the different dimensions of working in the hospitality business.

Bengt Mårtensson, Food & Beverage Manager for Åre 2019, is very pleased with the cooperation with the Åre Hotel and Restaurant School.

– It has worked really well. The students are very professional and the guests have been satisfied. We have chosen to work with the Restaurant School because we see many advantages, such as having access to their facilities and staff that are located here in Åre. It is also advantageous for the students to have a possibility to work with this kind of a challenging mandate.”

The Åre Restaurant School has brightened the volunteers’ and VIP guests’ days with good food and big smiles – hats off for the effort and a big thank you to the entire team for a job well done!

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