Volunteer work specifications

Every volunteer is important to us. Without our volunteers, there will be no FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Åre in 2019. We hope that you want to come and work with us and participate in what will be the event of a lifetime. Below you may read about the different areas of work, what you may expect and what requirements we make in some areas of work. Welcome to Åre 4-17 February 2019!

Important information

  • All who work at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Åre in 2019 are expected to stay informed on current events and what rules to follow.
  • All volunteers are required to follow set rules when interacting with athletes, teams and their supporting staff.
  • Volunteers are also required to abide by set rules concerning areas that require accreditation and show respect towards visitors, staff, co-workers, athletes, teams and other stakeholders during the Championships.

Working areas

Course Crew

Most of our volunteers in this team will work with maintenance. That includes assisting in construction of the race courses, slope maintenance, slipping, shoveling and chafing around the race lines, installation and dismantling of the B-nets and other related tasks. All volunteers are divided into groups lead by a group leader.

You don’t have to be an alpine expert to work in the Course Crew. If you want to work with installation, dismantling, maintenance and shoveling, being able to get down a slope on skis while carrying tools and goods is sufficient. Being in good physical shape is beneficial as it can be quite demanding and you might be working long hours.

If you want to work as a slipper in the Course Crew, however, you do need to be in good physical condition and you need to be a skilled alpine skier. Previous experience from alpine competitions is beneficial as you need to be able to handle advanced and icy slopes.


Accreditation is required to access some parts of the race arena. Accreditation can for example be required to get access to the media area or to access the volunteer center. To work in this team means you will make sure that staff, volunteers, teams and other accredited groups have the right accreditation which gives them access to specific areas at the race arena. Your main workplace is the Welcome Center where you will meet most people who are involved with the Championships. Working knowledge of English is required.


In the ticket team you will sell tickets and inform visitors of where they should go to access the grandstand at the arena. You will handle both cash and card payments. 


The assignments for our chauffeurs are many but working as a chauffeur is also a lot of fun as you get the chance to meet new people and establish contact with many different persons. Our chauffeurs pick up and leave people at the airports in Östersund and Trondheim but may also be asked to pick up and drive goods to different locations. During the event our chauffeurs are on standby during their scheduled hours. Working knowledge of English is required.


In order to work in the Information Team you need to know what is going on in the village and at the race arena at all times. YYou will be an important representative of Åre 2019 and many visitors will assume that you have the answer to all their questions. You don’t need to know everything but you need to know where to look for information and always be polite and helpful.

You may also be assigned to work as a host/hostess at the race arena. This job requires that you can speak and understand English, and that you like working with people. You will of course get proper education and continuous information during the event so that you can stay updated on everything that’s going on.


Volunteers who work in communication contribute to give visitors, athletes, teams and those who for some reason are unable to be on site during the championships the best possible experience of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Åre. You will produce news about the event and the competitions and will sometimes work under tough deadlines.

Texts and other produced material will be published on our website, in our app, and on social media. Previous experience from working with journalism or communication is beneficial. Working knowledge of Swedish and English is a requirement.

Parking Attendant

If it sounds like a boring job, think again. You will most likely be the first person representing Åre 2019 that the enthusiastic visitors meet on their way to the event. You will play an important role, not just to avoid parking chaos and damaged cars, but because you will be welcoming visitors to the event of a lifetime. Work can also consist out of directing traffic.


As a security guard or accreditation host/hostess you will make sure that only people with the right type of accreditation are allowed access to specific areas at the arena. You need to be able to be polite and yet steadfast.

Volunteer- and Team Service

This is a working area for you who wish to work with many different things during you volunteer period. Volunteers and teams alike need to feel welcome and well taken care of during the event which means you will be assisting with all sorts of things to help these groups. Volunteers in this group will be placed in the Volunteer center or our Team lounge.

Media Service

In the Media team you need to be professional, polite, helpful and prepared to work towards international deadlines. Sometimes pressure will build up as situations that occur need to be handled in a professional manner.

Examples of work tasks are building and dismantling work spaces for media representatives, registration of national and international media representatives and distribution of media material. Working knowledge of English is a requirement. Previous experience from working with media and knowledge of Åre and the surrounding area is beneficial.

VIP- and Sponsor Service

This team will be available to assist our VIP guests and our sponsors. The types of jobs can vary but it is mainly about making everyone feel welcome and well taken care of and providing these groups with the best possible service. We are looking for you who are service minded and who don’t mind taking own initiatives.

For questions about volunteer work, accommodation or transportation, please contact us at: volunteer@are2019.com


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