With the ever-warmer climate, most ski fans have witnessed the retreating of glaciers and lack of snow in ski resorts at lower altitudes. That’s also what prompted the Ski Team Sweden Alpine to take action in summer 2017.

The team began by analyzing their own operations with the help of a specialist from Vattenfall and after three months of study, found out that the team’s carbon footprint per person is a whopping four times that of an average Swede!

The results were eye-opening and the team has not sit still since. In great alignment with the focus on sustainability by Åre 2019, the Ski Team Sweden Alpine late last year launched an environmental program focused on making their own operations more sustainable. Obviously, the nature of the ski business provides some constraints to what is possible within the global competition calendar and the search for snow even in the summer months, but that has not hindered the STSA from taking targeted action.

–  We have looked at the energy use of our facilities and now use waste heat. We also incorporated climate compensation into our contract with our airline partner SAS. Most recently, we launched a partnership with the Swedish Cooking National Team to help our athletes not only cook nutritious meals that give them the energy they need to perform but that are also climate smart, said Kalle Olsson, Head of Marketing with the Ski Team Sweden Alpine.

The Team has now committed to reducing its carbon footprint by a half between 2017 and 2022.  By the time the Åre 2019 World Ski Championships take place in February, they aim to have cut their own impact by 25% compared with the base level.

–  As a next step, we will look for opportunities to optimize other areas of our operations with various partners. This will include becoming more efficient drivers with Audi, new ways of using solar power in the slopes to charge mobile phones and laptops together with Helly Hansen and Vattenfall, and developing guidelines for our lodging abroad together with Scandic and Bauhaus, added Olsson.

–  At the same time, we wish to inspire and motivate all members of the ski industry to join us on this journey to more sustainable operations. We are especially calling on other National Ski Association to to work with us to reduce the environmental impact of the entire industry to help protect the sport we all love!