We need a champion for every position

Thank you to all who have submitted your requests to volunteer at the World Championships and welcome to Åre! We are very happy that so many are coming to help us during the largest winter sport event of 2019. On this site you will find important information that concerns all volunteers.

If you have questions that concerns volunteering, accommodation, transportation, food and clothing, please continue reading or contact us at volunteer@are2019.com. For work-related questions, please contact your group leader.

On site in Åre

When you arrive in Åre, go to Holiday Club to visit our Welcome Center. In the Welcome Center you will receive your accreditation, your uniform and information about accommodation and transportation.

Keep your accreditation with you at all times and be careful not to lose it!


If you work during lunchtime you may eat in the Volunteer Center, located at Årevägen 170. The same applies if you are working during dinner time. The restaurant is located on the top floor of the Welcome Center, close to the National Arena.

Please note that you need to go to the register to check in, using your accreditation, the first time you come to the Volunteer Center to eat.

Opening Hours

Welcome Center 08.00 - 20.00 CET
Media Center 07.00 - 22.00 CET
Volunteer Center 06.00 - 20.00 CET/ Volunteer Center lunch time 11.00 - 14.00 CET

Please note that these times are general and might change depending on race times. 


Volunteer shuttles will take you to and from our volunteer accommodation locations. In Åre town ski buses and Åre 2019 shuttles are available for accredited staff, which included volunteers. Volunteers may also use the public transportation buses number 157 and 155 (Länstrafiken) free of charge. Show your accreditation to get on the bus.

Time tables for volunteer shuttles are available below. As a volunteer, you may also use the bus service between Duved and Continental Inn, using your accreditation to get on the bus. Find the time table below. Other time tables, for Åre town shuttles and ski buses, are available under “Getting Around” in our main menu. Click the time tables below to enlarge the images.

Time Table Volunteer Shuttles
Time Table Accredited Shuttle Duved - Contintental

Work Descriptions

When you have been accepted as a volunteer, you will receive your personal work description from your group leader. Check your email regularly and log on to the Slack communication tool. If you have not yet logged onto the Åre 2019 Slack channel, you need to do so to make sure that you receive all information that concerns your work at the Championships in Åre. Follow the link below to log into the Åre 2019 channel and familiarize yourself with the tool which will be used as a primary channel for communication before and during the event.


The volunteer team

Karin Stolt Halvarsson
Head of Volunteers & Broadcast Manager

+ 46 76 828 20 07

Madelene Aalto
Volunteer Manager

+46 72 545 02 99

Patrik Brunell & Agnes Hurtig
Assistant Volunteer Managers


Read more about us here.



Your volunteer application has been submitted in our online registration system Eventbuilder. You may change any information that you have specified in your profile at any time. This is also where you find your schedule and other important information. Click here to get to Eventbuilder.


To be fully staffed during the championship period and before and after the event, all volunteers will get a personal schedule based on your requests made in the application. Find your schedule in your profile at Eventbuilder. See the time periods below.

Period 1: 3-10 February

Official arrival date for all who work during this period is 3 February, 2019.

Period 2: 10-17 February

Official arrival date for all who work during this period is 10 Febuary.

Construction: 28 January – 3 February

Official arrival date for all who work during the construction period is 28 January.

Dismantling: 18-24 February



All volunteers who have requested accommodation have been given one unless another solution has been offered. If your accommodation is booked via Åre 2019 you will be staying with other volunteers in cottages or hostels. The size and the form of the the rooms and housing varies and 4-6 volunteers share accommodation depending on the type of housing provided. You should have received information about your accommodation via email.


To get into the race arena and areas that are closed for visitors and unauthorized personnel you will need to collect your accreditation before you start working. You need to carry your accreditation, which is a plastic badge that you can carry around your neck, at all times while working. Your accreditation states which areas you are allowed to get into. Collect your accreditation at the Welcome Center at Schibstedt Arena at the Holiday Club Hotel which is located right next to Åre Station in the town center.


As a volunteer you will be provided with a "uniform" consisting of an outer and an inner layer (ski jacket and pants, mid layer jacket, shirt, hat and gloves). All clothing is provided by our official clothing sponsor EQPE. All volunteers working more than six days may keep their uniform. Contact the Åre 2019 representatives in the Volunteer Center for information about how to proceed if you wish to place an order after your working period is finished. All volunteers working for less than six days may purchase the uniform at reduced price. Contact us at the Volunteer Center for more information. Many of you will spend a lot of your time outdoors so it is important to dress for the occasion as temperatures might drop low at times. Check the weather forecast before you leave for work and check our clothing tips below for some valuable tips on how to dress for cold weather.

If an item of clothing doesn't fit we will not be able to provide another size for you. If you wish to make a swop, please check with other volunteers via the bulletin board at the Volunteer Center or in the private Facebook group Volunteer Crew Åre 2019.

Social Media

Follow Åre 2019 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As a volunteer, it is also beneficial to follow our volunteer page on Facebookwhere you will get information and where you can communicate with other volunteers. Maybe you might find a travel companion? To engage in Åre 2019 on social media, use our official hashtag #are2019.

Rules and Regulations

When working as a volunteer at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships you are a representative of the event and of Åre 2019. We kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with Swedish laws and regulations that apply to your role as a volunteer at Åre 2019 below.

Swedish laws >>


FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2019


Åre has had the privilege to host the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships twice: in 1954 and in 2007. After two fantastic events it is now time again in 2019. It is estimated that more than 120 000 people will come to Åre, which is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see, during the race days to watch when the best skiers in the world compete for the medals. The competitions schedule starts on February 5 and ends with the men's slalom on 17 February 2019. Remember that it all kicks off with the opening ceremony on 4 February!

The championships in numbers

> 14 Days of Championship events
> 11 Medal Events
> More than 650 athletes will compete
> More than 70 nations represented
> 18 500 m safety nets
> 69% - grade at the steepest point
> 120 000 visitors
> 600 hours of TV broadcasting
> 700 million TV viewers worldwide
> 1400 volunteers
> 1300 media representatives

Events: Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super-g, Downhill, Alpine Combined and Alpine Team Event. Find the race program under Program in our main menu.

FAQ for volunteers

Volunteers - Accommodation

Will I be provided accommodation as a volunteer?

Ja! We will provide accommodation for all the days that you work as volunteer, if you do not have access to accommodation in Åre or near-by.

Can I live with my friends or family?

Should you have any special requests regarding who you would like to live with, contact us at volunteer@are2019.com

Where will my accommodation be located?

Volunteer accommodation will be located outside of the center of Åre. It will be an approximately 10-minute bus ride to and from your accommodation and we will provide shuttle buses for you to take. The exact location of your accommodation will be communicated in due course.

When will I have to leave my accommodation?

Depending on the time period(s) you will work, the check-out days are either 10 February or 17 February 2019.

What if I do not want to live in the accommodation assigned to me?

Åre 2019 provides all volunteers with accommodation. If you choose to live somewhere other than the assigned accommodation, you are welcome to arrange your own place to stay, or swap your accommodation with another volunteer working the same time period / days as you.

When can I check-in?

The main days of arrival is 3 February or 10 February 2019. Detailed information about your place of accommodation, such as its check-in procedures will be provided in due course.

How will I get to my accommodation?

There will be regular shuttle buses especially in the morning and the afternoon that you can ride to get to your accommodation. The shuttles will also be running in the evening so that you can participate in the activities that are taking place at Åre Square and the near-by park. You can also ride the Åre ski busses with your accreditation. For their timetable, see here: www.skistar.com/skidbuss.

What will the accommodation be like?

The general standard will be hostel level.

Will I have to share the room?

Yes, you will have to share the room with other volunteers. Most accommodation have 2-6 beds/room.

Will I have a private bathroom?

In some cases, the bathroom will be in the room (en suite). In other cases, the bathroom will be in the corridor.

Can I park at my accommodation?

Availability of parking will depend on each accommodation. See detailed information provided in due course.

Volunteers - Food / allergies

Do I receive meals when I am working?

Yes, if you are working over lunch you are served lunch. If you are working during dinner time, you are served dinner.

Will I have time to eat during my shift?

Everyone will have sufficient time to have a meal during their shifts. Make sure to communicate with your team and team leaders so that you coordinate breaks and mealtimes.

I have allergies – how can I ensure I get the right type of food?

Please let us know in advance of any allergies or dietary restrictions so that we have sufficient time to arrange for alternative meals for you. When you register as a volunteer, you have the opportunity to share your allergies or other dietary restrictions with us.

What kind of food will the volunteers be served?

Volunteers will be served home-cooked warm meals as well as fruit, chocolate and other warm beverages during the day. All volunteer meals will be served at the Volunteer Center on the days you are working, i.e. lunch or dinner, depending on the daily competition schedule.

Where will the volunteer meals be served?

All volunteer meals will be served at the Volunteer Center.

Volunteers - Miscellaneous

How will I receive my accreditation?

You can pick up your accreditation at the Welcome Center in Holiday Club (behind the Åre railway station) on arrival.

Do I always have to wear my accreditation?

You will always need to wear your accreditation when you are in the National Arena or any other areas that are not open for public. You will also need to wear your accreditation when you are working. Your accreditation is your identity and access card in all the accredited areas as well as on the shuttle and ski buses.

Where should I go when I arrive in Åre?

First go to the Welcome Center in Holiday Club, behind the Åre railway station, to pick up your accreditation. Then go to the Volunteer Center next to the Arena (located at Årevägen 180). Then you can take the shuttle bus to your accommodation.

How should I communicate with my team leader and team?

You will be invited to a Slack group with your team leader and team members. Slack is the communication tool that we are going to use before and during the event. It is IMPORTANT that you download the Slack app available here and get familiar with its features before you travel to Åre. We provide instructions for Slack use both in the volunteer newsletter and in our vlogs.

Volunteers - Tasks and working hours

How will I know where I report to work?

Your team leader will contact you with information on where and when you will meet.

How will I know what I have to do?

Information about your tasks during your scheduled period of work is included in your profile in our volunteer management system called My Eventbuilder. You will also receive information through our communication tool called Slack.

Which team will I be part of?

You will receive specific details about your team via Slack and through your profile in My Eventbuilder.

If I cannot do the assigned tasks, what should I do?

Contact your team leader who will facilitate contact with someone who can re-assign you to better suitable tasks for you.

What should I do if I am sick or get injured?

Contact your team leader to inform them that you are sick / injured.

Who is my team leader?

You will receive information on your team leader and their contact details via Slack and your profile in My Eventbuilder.

How will I know my shift times?

Your shifts will be available via My Eventbuilder.

If I need to change my shift, what should I do?

You can swap with someone in your team and let your team leader know about the exchange.

Volunteers - Transport and shuttles

How do I get around?

You can hop on any of the ski buses that circle the town and also service Duved, Tegefjäll, Rödkullen and Björnen. You can ride them free of charge with a valid ski pass and/or your accreditation.

Can I park my car at the Arena?

No, there will be no parking at the Arena. In general, it will be difficult to drive and park in the center of Åre during the Championships. There will be various public transport options in town and for travel to and from your accommodation. Some volunteer groups will be able to park at Rödkullen or at other assigned parking spaces depending on their specific tasks or roles.

How will I get home at night?

The shuttle buses will circulate between the Arena and your accommodation all day long. There will also be buses in operation at night so that you can participate in the night activities at Åre Square and around town. You can also use the regular ski buses free of with your accreditation or ski pass.

How will I get to the Arena in the morning?

The shuttle buses will start their service early enough for you to get to the Arena in time and continue circulating all day long.

How will I get to Åre from the Åre/Östersund Airport?

You can take the airport bus to the center of Åre but please make sure you book your space when you book your flights so that your transfers are confirmed. You can also take the bus to Östersund and take the train or bus from there. It is recommended to pre-book your tickets. We encourage ride-sharing and there is a special Facebook channel for that (Volunteer Crew Åre 2019). When you have been accepted as a volunteer you will get an invitation to that channel.

How will I get to Åre from Trondheim?

You can take the airport bus or train from the airport in Trondheim. Book your transfer on the airport’s homepage or train at www.sj.se .

How will I get to Åre from Stockholm?

If you are flying to the Arlanda airport, you can book a connecting flight to the Åre/Östersund Airport (OSD), which is located some 100km from Åre. From there, you can ride the airport bus or taxi to Åre. You can also take a train directly from Arlanda all the way to Åre. Please note that you need to pre-book the train.

What is the closest airport to Åre?

The closest airport is the Åre/Östersund Airport (OSD) which is about an hour from Åre by car. Vaernes or the Trondheim Airport (TRD) is located about two hours from Åre by car. You can arrange transfers with the airport bus or taxi from either airport. From the Trondheim Airport it is also possible to take the train to Åre.

Can I travel by train to Åre?

Yes! The Åre railway station is located right in the middle of town and you can take the train from Stockholm, Sundsvall, Östersund, Storlien, Trondheim and many other places. There are a number of operating companies but you can book all train connections at www.sj.se or at Snälltåget.

How do I make our travel arrangements?

Book your train travel with SJ, the Swedish National Rail Company. Go to Travel & Stay in our main menu to book with a discount. Most large airlines fly to Stockholm (go to the Swedavia website here for more information) and you can check which airlines that traffic Trondheim Airport here. Remember to book the whole journey from your home town to Åre, including transfers from the airport if you are flying. Book your transfer from Trondheim Airport via www.flygtaxi.no, or book a rental car via our supplier Europcar to receive a discount here.

Volunteers - Uniforms

Will I receive a uniform to wear while working?

Yes, provided you commit to volunteer a minimum of six days during the Championships. If you work less than the required number of days, you can borrow a uniform or pay for the difference.

What is included in the uniform?

The volunteer uniform package will include a ski suit that includes pants, a jacket, a soft shell, a shirt, gloves and a beanie. We recommend that you also read the information put together for “Staying warm” at www.are2019.com/volunteers.

Do I have to return my uniform?

No, not if you have worked the required six days.

What if my uniform does not fit?

You may swap your clothing with other volunteers. We will have an information board in the Volunteer Center and a Facebook group for uniform swapping. Stay tuned for more information!

What if my uniform breaks?

Contact the Volunteer Center and come by with the defect piece(s).

How should I be dressed?

Warm! No ankle shoes, cotton socks or thin mittens if you want to stay warm. Make sure you have a woolen base layer, warm wool socks and shoes / boots with a thick, insulating base. Also make sure that your boots are not tight. Wool socks are thicker than normal ones and tight shoes make your toes freeze much faster. Wool is material that keeps warmth even if wet as opposed to other garments such as cotton. A down jacket (natural or synthetic, such as primaloft) that you can wear under your uniform jacket is also recommended. Do not forget to cover your face and fingers! It might also help to buy liners which you can wear under your gloves. Wearing tape or a ski mask o/r buff is also a good way to protect your face. Click here for more tips for “Staying warm.”

The Importance of dressing well

Much of your time at the World Championships will be spent outdoors.  Therefore it is important that you dress well. The temperature may fall below minus 30 degrees Celsius which means that your hands, feet, ears and face are at risk of frostbite. This is how you keep warm.

Use the principle of layer on layer. Your base layer should consist of long underwear that you wear closest to your body. For your middle layer, or insulating layer, you may for instance use fleece and on the outer layer, your shield layer, should be watertight and windproof.

Wool is your best friend. Wool keeps you warm even when wet of water or perspiration. Merino wool doesn't need to be washed but be aired now and then only to avoid bad smell. Underwear and woollen socks and liners of wool inside your gloves are recommended.

Down clothing – natural or synthetic – is some of the warmest piece of clothing you can wear.  A middle layer of down or for instance Primaloft protects you against the cold.

Double up on wool socks! Wear a thin sock of wool and a thicker sock of wool on top of that. But be careful so that your boots get too cramped. If you can't move your toes, your feet may freeze.

Gloves do not keep warmth as well as mittens but it may be difficult to work in mittens. Buy a thin woollen glove  (liner)  and  wear it under your thick gloves.

Ordinary shoes or canvas shoes are a big no-no if you want to keep your feet warm. Use a boot with thick grooved sole and proper insulation.

Heat leaves your body through the head so keeping your head warm may be the difference between an uncomfortable and a comfortable day of work.

Not eating well and not getting enough sleep makes you freeze as the level of energy falls.  If you start freezing you must eat and have something warm to drink as soon as possible. Go indoors if possible.

To protect your face from the cold, avoid washing your face and hands with water late in the evening/morning before going out.

There are some extra precautions that you can take to avoid getting cold, like using socks and gloves that are electrically heated, taping your face, and make sure you have access to heat pillows and blankets. Checking sports stores for what they can offer may give you a head start.

What to do if you start feeling cold

  • If you are feeling cold or suspect that you have a frostbite you should go indoors straight away and warm up slowly. The best way to get warm is "skin on skin", meaning a cold hand should be placed on your tummy, a cold cheek can be warmed up by a warm hand or that cold feet can be placed in a friend's armpit.
  • Check your face, toes and fingers.  Frostbite is on its way when you lose sensation in the part of your body that is exposed and the movement is reduced. White spots will appear on your skin so it is wise to check each other.
  • If your outfit gets wet – change it to something dry and warm.

If sensation and movement have not returned within 20 to 30 minutes of warming up your skin may have been severely damaged by the cold. If you are badly hurt your skin and tissue will be damaged. If left untreated, blisters and swelling will be seen. In extreme cases it may lead to skin necrosis and amputation.

Symptoms of severe frostbite: your skin will be cold, hard, whiteyellow/waxy, marble patterned or white with blue shades. If you suspect that your skin is damaged you must seek medical care immediately.