It’s now exactly two weeks until the 3rd edition of the World Cup Stockholm City Event and things are looking good.

– The weather forecast for the next two weeks is looking excellent. After the snowfall today and Wednesday, we will have below freezing temperatures down to the two digits, which makes for great conditions for snow-making at Hammarbybacken, says Kaj Linde, World Cup Stockholm Event Director.

– In addition, we have received 1500 m3 of snow from the ice rinks all around Stockholm which will help us reinforce the base layer of snow produced by SkiStar. As a reserve if we need additional snow, we will have a so-called ‘snow factory’ in the finish area with the capacity of producing 150m3 of snow within a 24-hour period, explains Linde and adds:

– I am more than confident about being able to offer excellent snow conditions for the world’s top slalom racers here in Stockholm on 30 January. We can also guarantee them the amazing Stockholm atmosphere: tickets will be sold-out any day now so the grandstand will again be full and super cozy!

There are even some more good news for skiers in Stockholm: snow-production for the slopes used for recreational skiing will begin on 22nd January and Hammarbybacken will be open for everyone immediately following the World Cup from Friday, 2 February.

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