Tonight, on the dark ice of Lake Åre, that’s where it will go down. The showdown and fight for the coveted title of the annual FIS Football Tournament champions. The winning team will receive the honor of hosting the rotating crystal trophy for a year.

There are ten teams registered and excitement is soaring. The teams consist of the national teams and other key parties in the FIS family, mostly of coaches, team physios, ski service and other staff who will be defending the honor of their respective teams. Since 2011 when the tournament saw its debut at the FIS World Cup Finals in Lenzerheide, Switzerland, the event has become a resounding success that the teams look forward to several weeks in advance.

The matches are short, between 8-10 minutes, and each team consists of five players and a goalie, one female must play for each side. The only real rule is that no ski boots are allowed. The athletes and colleagues will be on site as support and cheerleaders.

The event has free admission; anyone interested can join the evening show on the lit ice field behind Holiday Club today, Wednesday at 7pm. The snow field has been pressed down, mostly by foot, but that won’t do anything to reduce the winner instinct that will be tangible in the frosty air.

Dress up warmly and come down to the lake tonight at 19 CET to witness the spectacle and cheer on the best gliding tackles and hidden scoring talent revealed on the snowy field.

FIS Snow Football Tournament

Where: On ice of Lake Åre behind Holiday Club

When: 14th March at 19:00 CET


Group Hahnenkamm (Group A)
Åre 2019 LOC

Group Lauberhorn (Group B)