After months of building, revising, rebuilding and finally launching a fresh new forum for all ski fans out there, the new Åre 2019 website is ready. The new showroom for the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2019 is up and running from February 16.

What is a website? For the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships Åre 2019 it’s a tool for the fans, a way to communicate with the ski enthusiasts from all over the world and a showroom for both the 2019 event and alpine skiing in general.

The crisp new website will present the history of skiing along with Åre’s history as a ski resort and outdoor mecca, while containing information and news from the world of Alpine Skiing. At the same time, it will work as a guide to the championships in 2019.

Following shortly after, the Åre 2019 mobile application will focus on collecting all the news and information about top level ski racing into a single platform, including the FIS Ski World Cup and the Ski Team Sweden Alpine, but will on also serve as your best friend at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships come 2019.

On February 16, the Åre 2019 organising committee will host an evening of mingle and party in St Moritz, right in the midst of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2017. That is also the date when the new website goes live. The old site will be idle from February 14.