Preparations for the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Åre are underway

Åre has hosted over 100 FIS Ski World Cup competitions and in 2019, the village will host the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships for the third time. The preparations for developing the Swedish Alpine National Arena into a World Championship arena are well underway and the new extension that will host the organizing committee’s offices was approved on Wednesday, 8 February.

Approximately 1300 journalists, photographers and other media staff are expected in Åre for the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2019. They will need a working space and so does the organizing committee. The new building, connected to the old Åre 2019 headquarters built for the 2007 championships, are located at the bottom of the National Arena.

The new building is now finished and approved by the building inspectors. The extension adds not only bigger and better facilities but also features large storage spaces, modern ski service facilities and offices. The new building is going to be a vital part of operations during the 2019 event and will provide various services.

The extension is built according to Åre 2019’s mission of sustainability. The building can be modified and used for various future events and is meant to be actively exploited for a variety of uses in the future, also by other organizations and businesses in the village.