No one could touch Nadine Fest today. In her first FIS Alpine Junior World Ski Championships she came into the first place with bib 6, and stayed there until the end, over a second before teammate and runner-up Franziska Gritsch. ”It was a powerful performance”, said the 18-year-old.

While the men’s race was very close, the ladies’ results featured bigger time differences between the athletes. The Austrian team was superior, however, taking first, second, third and fourth place.

”It’s really good. Nina (Ortlieb) is in fourth place, she’s so good, it’s really awesome that we have the first through to the fourth place,” said winner Nadine Fest.

Fest, wearing bib number six, took the lead and there was nothing anyone was able to do about it. Teammate Franziska Gritsch was 1.19 behind when she crossed the finish line, with Dajana Dengscherz 1.30 behind, and they held second and third place until the end.

”It was pretty cool, overall I think it was a good and powerful performance. I’m really happy right now and I couldn’t believe I was in front by one second, it’s unbelievable,” Fest said about her performance.

The 18-year-old was clearly surprised to perform so well in her first ever FIS Junior Alpine World Ski Championships and she enjoyed the experience.

”I’m racing all the competitions, ’til the end. It’s fun here. There are so many other cultures and it’s fun to meet new people. It’s a great experience for me and since it’s my first time at Juniors I’m even happier that I’m in the first place.”

Like the men’s race, the course was technical and a bit difficult, resulting in 16 athletes not completing the race.

”It was a bit crazy. I think the first part was good but then it got bumpy and it was a tough race. The jumps were wide and the next gate always came too fast,” said Dajana Dengscherz, laughing.

”It was a really cool team performance, yesterday was not so good so I think today is our day”, said bronze medalist Franziska Gritsch.

Next on the schedule is the ladies’ alpine combined which starts at 9.30 CET on Friday, March 10.

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