It seemed as if the American Sam Morse was on his way to a second win in the FIS Alpine Junior World Ski Championships in Åre. But Loïc Meillard had a great day, finishing in fourth place in the super-G run and absolutely killing it in the slalom to win the men’s alpine combined.

“It feels great. I won it two years ago in Hafjell and to be able to win it here again is very nice. It’s my last time in the Juniors so it’s a great feeling,” Meillard said after the race.

American Sam Morse, wearing the bib number 31, had a great run in the super-G, clocking the fastest time, and it looked as though he could take it all. But many athletes raced well in the slalom – for example, Norwegian Timon Haugan who was 28th after the super-G finished fifth overall, and he wasn’t the only one to improve in the second run.

Georg Hegele, who climbed from 19th to lead the second run, claimed the first position until he was pushed down by American River Radamus, wearing the bib number 9.

”All this year my slalom has been hit or miss. I’ve been skiing really well sometimes but not been able to finish the run, yet I’ve been feeling pretty good coming into these Championships,” says Radamus.

Hegele managed to hold on at the top, as the other top 30 racers finished behind him. Until Swiss Loïc Meillard who was in fourth place after the super-G had an almost perfect slalom run. It was clear, despite many other good performances, that his run was the winning one. In the end, he was 1.54 seconds ahead of Radamus.

“The slope was very nice in the super-G and in the slalom, it’s very warm. I mean it’s spring, so the slope is a bit soft but the organization did a good job and it was cool to ski.”

Morse did a fine job on the slalom course but couldn’t beat Meillard, Radamus and Hegele, ending up in the 6th place behind another Swiss Semyel Bissig and the Norwegian Timon Haugan.

The short-term goal for Meillard is to stand on top of the podium again in the FIS Alpine Junior World Ski Championships, and in two years’ time, he’s hoping to be back in Åre for the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships.

“I competed in the GS in St Moritz and the goal is to come back to race on this nice slope in two years. I hope my level will be the same, but in the World Cup and the World Champs.”

The prize ceremony will be held at Åre Square (Åre torg) at 19.00 CET. The event kicks off with a volleyball tournament at the square at 17.30 CET.

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