Sustainability is one of the core principles of Åre 2019. Making sustainable choices in the event planning and preparations work has been a key driver for the Åre 2019 team since winning the right to host the championships.

One of the main objectives of Åre 2019 is to stage the event with great respect for the environment. Indeed, the sustainability strategy now extends beyond the environmental dimension to include social and economic sustainability considerations.

In June 2017, Åre 2019 was proud to join forces with the Jämtland County government and the organizers of the Östersund 2019 Biathlon World Championships and the Municipalities of Åre and Östersund in an effort to stage Fossil-Fuel Free World Championships in 2019. Detailed work is underway to define how all stakeholders will contribute to this ambitious project. Each of them – from the two organizing committees, the World Championships Region 2019 and the host municipalities to the airport, railway and bus service providers, various partners and many others – has their respective roles to fulfill to reach the shared objective.

“We know that the bar was set very high with the fossil-fuel free championships initiative. But it has been no less impressive to see the engagement of the various partners since the spring to work out the details in order to make the bold vision become reality in 2019. We are en route to delivering something unique here,” said Niklas Carlsson, CEO of Åre 2019.

Meanwhile, Åre 2019 has decided to partner with Håll Sverige Rent (HSR) to become Miljömärkt certified for all 2018 and 2019 events organized by Åre 2019 AB. The Miljömärkt event certification features a check list of activities that will ensure a holistic approach to managing an event’s impact on their community and the environment. The Åre 2019 – HSR partnership includes the January 2018 Stockholm Hammarbybacken City Event, the FIS Ski World Cup Finals 2018 in Åre in March 2018, the 2019 World Ski Championships and the 2019 edition of the Hammarbybacken parallel slalom.

Much more work is underway to push the boundaries of how sustainable an Alpine World Ski Championships in the middle of Sweden in early February can really be. The aim of Åre 2019 is to set a new benchmark for sustainable event management in snow sports. The team wishes to leave behind a legacy of easy-to-use tools and best practices that any future winter sport events can easily take and apply to their local circumstances.

Åre 2019 is fortunate to be located in a community that believes in sustainable development and great cooperation has emerged among Åre Destination, Åre Kommun, SkiStar and Åre 2019. Two areas of focus for this community-wide cooperation include sustainable transport and waste management. Stay tuned for more details already in time for the FIS World Cup Finals from 14-18 March!

For more information, visit our website section on Legacy and Sustainability here.