Ask anyone – it is the spectators that make a Championship great. A roaring crowd of enthusiastic fans is what makes the athletes push their boundaries and doubles the adrenaline rush. Åre 2019 will create that special atmosphere, not just at the Arena, but throughout the town.

The side event program will pay homage to winter sports, Åre and the Jämtland region and their history. Skijoring, Super Sprint, Rail Jam and much more will feature among the events in the side event program as visitors and athletes alike will be treated to something extraordinary. The Sámi culture and Valentine's Day will be celebrated, and a number of cool music acts will take place on different stages. Check out some of the side events below. At the bottom of this page you may find information about our sponsor village, Åre Town Square, the Medals Plaza and a map for directions.

More information and more events will follow shortly.



Opening Ceremony

On February 4 it is finally time for the opening ceremony of what will be the greatest winter sport event in 2019. It will be an experience worthy of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships where a mix of dancing, music, opening speeches and much more will pay tribute to alpine skiing. One of the highlights will undoubtedly be the 1000 Years of Music act which begins at the dawn of the history of Åre and ends in modern time with one of Sweden's most famous music artists.

We will start the countdown half an hour before it begins so be on time and help us make the start of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in 2019 really great!

When? Monday 4 February, 18.30
Where? Medals Plaza (Åre park)



Presented by Europcar and Vattenfall

Just like racing horses dashing out of the gates or the ball out of a cannon – the Åre Town Sprint Challenge is all about explosivity, strength and maximum power. This Super Sprint will be 100 meters long and will feature the global cross-country skiing stars. Two competitions will be held, one with the sport’s legends and the other with today’s elite. The race will be carried out in the free technique on parallel lanes along Årevägen with the start just outside the Country Club and finish at Åre Square. Eight ladies and men in each competition deliver exciting head-on-head fights. You do not want to miss being there for the Åre Town Sprint Challenge! 

How? Hosted by Sportkompaniet Jämtland and Åre Eventutbildning 
Tuesday, 5 February, 16.00 CET
Where?Åre Square 



Teddybears, an iconic Swedish music band known for wearing massive bear masks, are 25-year veterans of the Swedish music scene. The band, formerly known as Teddybears Stockholm, consists of Patrik Arve and brothers Joakim and Klas Åhlund. The band with a cult-like following has scored a number of hits, such as Cobrastyle, Hey Boy and Hiphopper, and worked together with a number of international stars, are some of the most unique performing artists in Sweden. Åre 2019 are proud to present this unique music act and that Teddybears are the makers of the official World Championships song!

When? Tuesday, 5 February, 19.00 CET
Where? Medals Plaza



Presented by Pepsi

Selected professionals and local talents will invite you to a fantastic show at Åre Square where they will showcase superb creative skill and technical know-how. The show will have it all from awesome riding to music, tricky judges prodding the excitement further and a really great vibe. The venue will have two parallel lines, one difficult and the other easy.  

How? Open to all + invitation
When? Wednesday, 6 February, 17.00 CET
Where? From Åreguiderna to the intersection at Åre torg



"Gudarna på Västerbron" (The gods on the Western Bridge) will take over Åre 2019 Medals Plaza. Åre 2019 is pleased to welcome the celebrated hip hop group Hov1 to perform live on the stage in Åre Park on Wednesday, 6th February. Dedicated music and ski fans have a unique opportunity to gain access to a restricted Golden Circle.

When? Wednesday 6 February 19.30 Where? Medals Plaza Who? Acclaimed Swedish hip hop band Hov1



Presented by Nocco

Thumbs up to all obstacle courses – yet Åre 2019 will up the challenge for the participants on the Åre 2019 Obstacle Course Race by requiring ski boots as basic equipment! The venue will be built on the ice of Lake Åre next to the Sponsor Village and will entail a number of obstacles for the racers to go over, under, through or past.

How? Open for all. All competitor must wear ski boots. When? Friday, 8 February, 13.00 CET Where? Ice of Lake Åre  



Presented by Pepsi

Skijoring made its official competition debut at the Nordic Games in 1901. In Horse Skijoring, as the name suggests, an equestrian team pulls a skier behind them, in a course that includes jumps and rollers, gates and rings that the skier needs to bring over the finish line. Saturday 9 February Åre 2019 presents Horse Skijoring at Åre torg (town square) that will be pulled by teams from equestrian center Wången. Who knows, maybe some of the teams will qualify for the Winter Olympics?

When? Saturday 9 February 17.00-18.00 CET Where? Along Årevägen, starting by Creperiet How? Teams that includes a skier, a rider and a horse competes in a course along Årevägen. The event is hosted in cooperation with Wången and Åre Eventutbildning.


Sandro Cavazza

You may think you have not heard Sandro Cavazza before but you are likely wrong. The young artist has had a number of hits of his own but has also cooperated on one of Avicii’s most played songs and more recently had an international hit with Kygo. Åre 2019 is proud to present Sandro Cavazza at the Medals Plaza on Saturday, 9 February!

When? Saturday 9 February 19.15 CET
Where? Medals Plaza



”Queens and Kings of the past fighting for the fame” 
As if it was not enough having the world’s top ski racers gather in Åre for the World Championships, the stars of the past will also be on site to enjoy the excitement as spectators. Some of them will also be putting a bib back on as participants in the 2nd SkiStar Invitational, a parallel slalom race with some of the best-known ski champions in history at the start. 
Be there to witness the great names challenge each other on the evening of 12 February, right after the Alpine Team Event! The Team Event ticket is valid as entrance to SkiStar Invitational.

Confirmed participants: Anja Pärson, Ingemar Stenmark, Maria Pietilä-Holmner, Fredrik Nyberg, Jens Byggmark, Luc Alphand, Marco Bühel and Kjetil Andre Aamodt. Further legends to be announced shortly.

When? Tuesday 12 February 18.00
National Arena (Race Arena)
How? Parallel Slalom


MEDALS PLAZA (the park)

The park located between Åre Square and Åre Station will be converted into an amphitheater-like event stage during Åre 2019. This is where the Opening Ceremony, various music acts and the award ceremonies will take place. Other activities will include the bib draws, various cultural programs and live shows.



Artists, ceremonies, performances and much more - Medals Plaza, located in the park next to the town square (Åre torg) will be the place to be most evenings. Check out the program below.

Monday 4 February >> 18.30 Åre 2019 Opening Ceremony 

Tuesday 5 February >>  18.00 DJ Wahlstedt warm up/18.30 Prize Ceremony/19.00 Teddybears

Wednesday 6 February >> 18.00 DJ Wahlstedt warm up/18.30 Prize Ceremony/19.30 Hov1

Friday 8 February >> 18.00 Ladies Club warm up/18.30 Prize Ceremony/18.45 Bib Draw

Saturday 9 February >> 18.00 Jazz Kids: Giant Steps/18.30 Prize Ceremony/18.45 Bib Draw/19.15 Sandro Cavazza live

Sunday 10 February >> 18.00 Maria Hazell warm up/18.30 Prize Ceremony

Monday 11 February >> 17.30 DJ MR Hållstrand warm up/18.00 Prize Ceremony/18.10 Mariette warm up/18.30 Prize Ceremony

Wednesday 13 February >> 18.00 "This is us" Åre Art School show

Saturday 16 February >> 17.30 Nordcirkus show/18.30 Prize Ceremony/19.15 Bib Draw/19.45 Live band Treo Komp Allstars feat. Jakob Swanberg


Åre torg (town square) is where you may find most shops and restaurants in Åre. During the Championships you will also be able to enjoy the atmosphere, take part in and watch great competitions and mingle with the crowd. Below you may find the program for Åre torg and the rest of the town. More events will be added shortly.



Tuesday 5 February >> 16.00 Town Sprint Challenge

Wednesday 6 February >> 17.00 Åre 2019 Rail Jam/18.00 Meet Rudolf the Reindeer

Saturday 9 February >> 17.00 Åre 2019 Skijoring

Thursday 14 February >> 19.30 Celebrate Valentine's Day and join the torchlight procession from the Race Arena to the town. Enjoy Nordcirkus performance on the ice.


Tunnel of Stars
Discover the history of alpine skiing! Walk through the Tunnel of Stars on your way to and from the train station via the route through the park/Medals Plaza.

Food & Beer Court/Sponsor Village
The Sponsor Village and the Food & Beer Court are open daily. See sponsor village program below for more information.

"They Call it a Kick"
The golden words of English nobleman Algernon Wickham-Twistleton-Ffykes in the classic Swedish movie Snowroller are often uttered when speaking of this traditional means of transport. The Swedish spark, or "kick" in English, can be used to transport yourself and friends from Holiday Club to the Race Arena, via the ice-covered lake. And of course you may do the same in the other direction.

Swiss House & Tyrol House
This is where you should mingle if you wish to experience some true World Championship spirit. More information about the Swiss and Tyrol houses may be found further down on this page.


National Arena

Apart from world class alpine skiing, there will be plenty of entertainment at the Race Arena. There will be music acts, a great foodcourt and the official mascot, Valle, will have his own VIP area. Find out more by clicking the program below.



Music acts will perform every day from 60 minutes before race start. Please note that all times are set according to CET.

Tuesday 5 February >>  11.30 Mango WSC Trio (local party band)

Wednesday 6 February >> 11.30 Mango WSC Trio + Tanja Nordfjell (jojk)

Friday 8 February >> 10.00/15.15 Ladies Club (local party band)

Saturday 9 February >> 11.30 Paulo Mendonca (funk from Stockholm)

Sunday 10 February >> 11.30 Maria Hazell (upcoming pop star)

Monday 11 February >> 10.00 Mango WSC Trio/13.30 Mariette (Swedish pop star)

Tuesday 12 February >> 15.00/17.45 Engmans kapell (Swedish folk pop band of which André Myhrer has been a part)

Thursday 14 February >> 13.15/17.15 ISA (Swedish pop star)

Friday 15 February >> 13.15/17.15 Selma & Gustav (singer/songwriter duo)

Saturday 16 February >> 10.00/13.30 Rakel (local up and coming pop star)

Sunday 17 February >> 10.00/13.30 Linda Sundblad (previous member of Lambretta)


Meet the Åre 2019 Partners - and have a blast

The Sponsor Village will be located along the walkway to the Race Arena, in the parking lot West of Åre Station. ”The Village in a Village” will feature something for everyone. You can visit Vattenfall to learn about ways to reduce your carbon footprint, warm up your ski legs with Nocco or create your ski day playlist at Mix Megapol’s stand. In case you are looking for after-ski you will find that at Carlsberg’s Food and Beer Court. If you left your skis at home you can try out the ski simulator at the Longines booth before joining the after-ski. There will also be an information booth as well as ticket booths in the Sponsor Village. 



After Ski every day from Monday 4 February. Please note that all times are set according to CET.

Monday 4 February >> 17.00 Martin Kjellerstedt/DJ Kunstschnee- Warm up before opening ceremony

Tuesday 5 February >>  17.00 Mango WSC Trio

Wednesday 6 February >> 16.00 Mango WSC Trio

Thursday 7 February (reserve day) >> 17.00 Martin Kjellerstedt/DJ Kunstschnee

Friday 8 February >> 17.30 Martin Kjellerstedt/DJ Kunstschnee

Saturday 9 February >> 16.00 Trion local party band

Sunday 10 February >> 17.00 Trion

Monday 11 February >> 16.00 Mango WSC Trio

Tuesday 12 February >> 14.00 warm up for Team Event Mango WSC Trio

Wednesday 13 February >> 17.00 Martin Kjellerstedt/DJ Kunstschnee

Thursday 14 February >> 16.15 Between ski with Trion

Friday 15 February >> 16.15 Between ski with Trion

Saturday 16 February >> 16.30 Mango WSC Trio/Martin Kjellerstedt/DJ Kunstschnee