Ask anyone – it is the spectators that make a Championship great. A roaring crowd of enthusiastic fans is what makes the athletes push their boundaries and doubles the adrenaline rush. Åre 2019 will create that special atmosphere, not just at the Arena, but throughout the town.

The side event program will pay homage to winter sports, Åre and the Jämtland region and their history. Skijoring, Super Sprint, Rail Jam and much more will feature among the events in the side event program as visitors and athletes alike will be treated to something extraordinary. The Sámi culture and Valentine's Day will be celebrated, and a number of cool music acts will take place on different stages. Check out some of the side events below. At the bottom of this page you may find information about our sponsor village, Åre Town Square, the Medals Plaza and a map for directions.


Vattenfall & Ski Team Sweden Alpine Climate Talks

Climate talks with Ski Team Sweden Alpine stars

Presented by Vattenfall
Some of the stars of the Swedish National Ski Team have been challenged to lower their climate impact. It is time to follow up the challenge and the personal goals. Vattenfall invites everyone to join them in their pavilion at the Sponsor Village where anyone may ask questions to the members of the Swedish National Ski Team. Tuesday 12 February 13.00 CET: Sara Hector Wednesday 13 February 16.00 CET: Matts Olsson and Frida Hansdotter Friday 15 February 13.00 CET: André Myhrer and Mattias Hargin How? Open for all, free of charge Where? Vattenfall pavilion in the Sponsor Village


The Mini Train

Presented by SJ

The Mini Train, which runs on HVO - a synthetical and environmentally friendly diesel substitute, has a capacity of 30 passengers per departure and will be in service from 9 February until the closing of the Championships on 17 February. The Mini Train will be transporting passengers from Åre Church to the National Arena with a stop at Åre 2019 Sponsor Village.  It will depart every 20 minutes following the timetable below. Welcome aboard!

9 February 09.00- 13.00/14.00-18.00

10 February 10.00- 13.00/14.00-19.00

11February 09:00-13.00/14.00-18.00

12 February 11.30-16.00/18.30-21.00

13 February No Mini Train service

14 February 11.30-16.00/18.30-21.00

15 February 12.00-14.30/16.00-21.00

16 February 10.00- 13.00/14.00-19.00

17 February 09.00- 14.00/15.00-18.00

Please note that the time table is subject to change due to harsh weather conditions. Find out more at the SJ Bistro.


Swiss House

The Swiss are in town! Make sure no to miss the Switzerland House at Åre torg. Read more by clicking the image below.


Visit the Swiss House

Åre Torg (Åre Town Square) is the main square during the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2019. Those who have already been to the village of Åre must have seen the huge House of Switzerland in the middle of the square – a nice home for Swiss visitors and staff as well as all others who would like to enjoy the atmosphere of Åre 2019. House of Switzerland has been a concept since the World Championships in Sestriere, Italy, in 1997. Every World Championships has its own Swiss House, which contains a bar, a restaurant and sociable festivities. The Swiss House is therefore the perfect place to celebrate the alpine ski sport – of course visitors from other countries are welcome as well.

What is there to do in the Swiss House? Eat, drink and have a good time. There will also be TV screens to follow the ongoing ski events. By the way: the medal ceremonies of Swiss athletes will be held in the Swiss House as well.

Opening hours: every day (excluding when private events are held), 8:00 – 2:00 CET; the kitchen is open until 23:00 CET. Closed Events: Saturday, 9 February, Wednesday, 13 February, Thursday, 14 February

All other days it is open for the public. Make your reservation at +41 79 726 07 50 and find out more on their website.


Don't miss the "cube"! The Austrian TirolBerg is on site in Åre, next to Holiday Club. Click the link below to read more.


Visit TirolBerg

Those of you who have walked down to Holiday Club during the last few days might have noticed the rise of a new building in Åre. ”The Cube” is no less than TirolBerg which has made its presence known in Åre during the FIS Alpine skiing world championships to function as the Austrian hub and meeting place. Here medals will be celebrated, new contacts will be made and relationships will be built. TirolBerg as a concept has been touring the alpine skiing world since 2001 and has been part of ten Alpine championships in a row.  TirolBerg offers the great combination of genuine alpine atmosphere, Tyrolian hospitality and  a true love of alpine skiing. TirolBerg is open daily, opening its doors at 12.00 and doesn’t close until late. Accredition needed but based on availability everyone is invited and welcome to visit.


Åre torg (town square) is where you may find most shops and restaurants in Åre. During the Championships you will also be able to enjoy the atmosphere, take part in and watch great competitions and mingle with the crowd. Below you may find the program for Åre torg and the rest of the town. More events will be added shortly.



Tuesday 5 February >> 16.00 Town Sprint Challenge
Wednesday 6 February >> 17.00 Åre 2019 Rail Jam/18.00 Meet Rudolf the Reindeer
Saturday 9 February >> 17.00 Åre 2019 Skijoring
Thursday 14 February >> 19.30 Celebrate Valentine's Day and join the torchlight procession from the Race Arena to the town. Enjoy Nordcirkus performance on the ice.

MEDALS PLAZA (the park)

The park located between Åre Square and Åre Station will be converted into an amphitheater-like event stage during Åre 2019. This is where the Opening Ceremony, various music acts and the award ceremonies will take place. Other activities will include the bib draws, various cultural programs and live shows.



Monday 4 February >> 18.30 Åre 2019 Opening Ceremony
Tuesday 5 February >>  18.00 DJ Wahlstedt warm up/18.30 Prize Ceremony/19.00 Teddybears
Wednesday 6 February >> 18.00 DJ Wahlstedt warm up/18.30 Prize Ceremony/19.30 Hov1
Friday 8 February >> 18.00 Ladies Club warm up/18.30 Prize Ceremony/18.45 Bib Draw
Saturday 9 February >> 18.00 Jazz Kids: Giant Steps/18.30 Prize Ceremony/18.45 Bib Draw/19.15 Sandro Cavazza live
Sunday 10 February >> 18.00 Maria Hazell warm up/18.30 Prize Ceremony
Monday 11 February >> 17.30 DJ MR Hållstrand warm up/18.00 Prize Ceremony/18.10 Mariette warm up/18.30 Prize Ceremony
Wednesday 13 February >> 18.30 "This is us" Åre Art School show
Saturday 16 February >> 17.30 Nordcirkus show/18.30 Prize Ceremony/19.15 Bib Draw/19.45 Live band Treo Komp Allstars feat. Jakob Swanberg


Apart from world class alpine skiing, there will be plenty of entertainment at the Race Arena. There will be music acts, a great foodcourt and the official mascot, Valle, will have his own VIP area. Find out more by clicking the program below.



Tuesday 5 February >>  11.30 Mango WSC Trio (local party band)
Wednesday 6 February >> 11.30 Mango WSC Trio + Tanja Nordfjell (jojk)
Friday 8 February >> 10.00/15.15 Ladies Club (local party band)
Saturday 9 February >> 11.30 Paulo Mendonca (funk from Stockholm)
Sunday 10 February >> 11.30 Maria Hazell (upcoming pop star)
Monday 11 February >> 10.00 Mango WSC Trio/13.30 Mariette (Swedish pop star)
Tuesday 12 February >> 15.00/17.45 Engmans kapell (Swedish folk pop band of which André Myhrer has been a part)
Thursday 14 February >> 13.15/17.15 ISA (Swedish pop star)
Friday 15 February >> 13.15/17.15 Selma & Gustav (singer/songwriter duo)
Saturday 16 February >> 10.00/13.30 Rakel (local up and coming pop star)
Sunday 17 February >> 10.00/13.30 Linda Sundblad (previous member of Lambretta)


Meet the Åre 2019 Partners - and have a blast

On the parking west of Åre Station the sponsors have their own "village in the village". It is open to all visitors every day during the World Championships. Come in and warm up, enjoy the activities and participate in the competitions! And you don't want to miss the Food & Beer Court where you can enjoy food, beverage, good company and music every day!

Opening Hours Sponsor Village (CET)

5-11 February - 9.00-18.00
12 February - 12.00-21.00
13 February - 9.00-18.00
14-15 February - 12.00 - 21.00
16 - 17 February - 09.00-18.00


Try the skiing simulator and don't miss the autograph signings with Aksel Lund Svindal and Mikaela Shiffrin! See more about that in our daily program.


Taste the Carlsberg alcohol free beer and compete to win great prizes (helmet and skis) by testing your ability in the ergometer. Carlsberg will also be able to inform you about their environmental projects.

Carlsberg Food and Beer Court

Food, beer and afterski - do we need to say more?

Opening Hours (CET):

5-16 February  - 09.00-22.00
17 February - 09.00-18.00

Kafferosteriet Löfbergs

Taste their new ecologic and organic coffee originating from Brazil and Rwanda and compete to win a thermos mug!


Vattenfall offers transportation to the National Arena in the shape of electric snowmobiles equipped with sleds. You can also try riding an electric snowmobile, check out the demo and win ski goggles in a competition presented in cooperation with Spektrum. Vattenfall can also help you to lower your carbon footprint with the app OneTonneFuture and show you different sustainable solution.


Try the Nocco assortment of beverages such as the new Åre 2019 Winter Edition and compete in their Instagram competition. You are also welcome to hang out at the ice bar.


Colabitoil is the company behind the fossil fuel free HVO diesel which is used in the Åre 2019 snow cats, cars, quads and more.


Guess which song that's playing!

Åre 2019 Information 

Buy tickets and gather information about the races and much more.


Our supplier Europcar offers short term leasing. Come in and speak to the staff on site.

Åre Municipality

Municipality representatives offer a presentation of this great part of Sweden with the hope to attract more people to the municipality. Come in and view the exhibition made in cooperation with 30 of the municipality's 1800 entrepreneurs.

POW – Protect Our Winters

Learn more about how to help lowering the climate impact and about POW Habits. At POW you may also pick up clothing from local brand Haglöfs and their own brand.


Try what ski jumping feels like in their Virtual Reality goggles, win a pair of skis and warm those frozen fingers.


Try their free treatments to give your body a real boost.


Let the kids try cross-country skiing, play their Virtual Reality Car Game and charge your phone.


Warm yourself by the fire, drink coffee and participate in the competitions.

NEH.COM - Merchandise

Take a part of Åre 2019 home with you! NEH sells Åre 2019 merchandise on site.

See the full program at the Food & Beercourt by clicking the image below.



After Ski every day from Monday 4 February. Please note that all times are set according to CET.
Monday 4 February >> 17.00 Martin Kjellerstedt/DJ Kunstschnee- Warm up before opening ceremony
Tuesday 5 February >>  17.00 Mango WSC Trio
Wednesday 6 February >> 16.00 Mango WSC Trio
Thursday 7 February (reserve day) >> 17.00 Martin Kjellerstedt/DJ Kunstschnee
Friday 8 February >> 17.30 Martin Kjellerstedt/DJ Kunstschnee
Saturday 9 February >> 16.00 Trion local party band
Sunday 10 February >> 17.00 Trion
Monday 11 February >> 16.00 Mango WSC Trio
Tuesday 12 February >> 14.00 warm up for Team Event Mango WSC Trio
Wednesday 13 February >> 17.00 Martin Kjellerstedt/DJ Kunstschnee
Thursday 14 February >> 16.15 Between ski with Trion
Friday 15 February >> 16.15 Between ski with Trion
Saturday 16 February >> 16.30 Mango WSC Trio/Martin Kjellerstedt/DJ Kunstschnee