Volunteering is not just about working hard. More importantly, it is an opportunity to have a unique experience and make new friendships. To give thanks to all the volunteers who help make the Audi FIS Ski World Cup Finals great, the organizing committee, Åre 2019, organized a party.  

Thursday evening saw the Åre 2018 Volunteer Party take place in the VIP hospitality located in the Arena House. Besides a delicious dinner, the evening program featured a quiz and other entertainment. Niklas Carlsson, CEO of Åre 2019, spoke about the importance of the volunteers’ contributions to the success of the event. The purpose of the event was simply to say Thank You!

Filip Möllegren has been working hard all week but is enjoying his time as volunteer. He said that the Volunteer Party was a nice gesture by the organizers towards the team that’s working hard really hard for several days already.

– It was really great fun and I want to say thank you for inviting us to this nice event.

Having a Volunteer Party is not mandatory. But it is held to show appreciation for the heroes behind the scenes. Although volunteering can be hard work it is important to create fun memories as well. It is nice to contribute to the event. But most volunteers seek to be part of the entire event experience and having the memories that will be left to reminisce about later on.

The Åre 2018 Volunteer Party featured a hamburger dinner and a team quiz contest, designed to learn to know the teammates even better. Volunteer assignments can be short-lived and intensive so it is important to fully exploit the experience.

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