The new Arena House at the finish area of the Swedish National Arena has been the home of Åre 2019 since late Summer. Although a busy time with meetings and season preparations, the pre-season also provided an opportunity to invite the local community to visit the new Åre 2019 headquarters and present the official Åre 2019 soup.

On Wednesday October 11, some 180 local Åre residents followed the invitation of Åre 2019 to visit their new headquarters in the Arena House, for a tour of the facilities and an update presentation by CEO Niklas Carlsson. It was also the first time that the delicious Åre 2019 soup, created by local chef Daniel Matthias at Grädda, Åre, was served. The official soup, which is gluten and lactose free, is a creamy and slightly spicy version of a carrot soup. The ingredients are common in the local culinary culture and mostly come from ecological, local distributors.

”It was great to see that so many people wanted to participate in our Open House. We felt that the response was positive so we are happy about that. It also felt good to be able to present a special Åre 2019 soup created by the local super chef, Daniel Matthias”, said CEO Niklas Carlsson.

Carlsson added that the local Åre residents are key stakeholders and contributors to successful championships in 15 months’ time:

”The residents of Åre are our most important ambassadors. They are best positioned to carry our messages and we really want to invite anyone interested in Åre 2019 to visit us and have a dialogue about the championships”.

The fall will see various other promotional activities for Åre 2019, including the championships hosting games of the local elite basketball team Jämtland Basket and presence at the local business summit Guldgalan. The Jämtland-Uppsala game on October 18 is the first of two that will be hosted by Åre 2019 this season.

”We really want to be present in Östersund and meet the locals. Jämtland Basket is the sports club in the region that has been in the highest national league for the longest period of time and we think the club has a history and tradition that makes them relevant and interesting to work with. They have welcomed us with open arms and it feels great to work with them,” said Niklas Carlsson.

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Photos: Lisa Johansson