Two months after the conclusion of the 2017 FIS World Ski Championships, the management team of St Moritz 2017 concluded that a clear vision and structured planning are key for major events. Good weather and home team medals is what makes the event a success.  

A highlight of the St Moritz 2017 debrief in Åre at the end of April was a highly informative presentation by three key representatives of the organizing committee: Hugo Wetzel, President, Franco Giovanoli, COO, and Thomas Rechberger, Head of Finance.

With 165,000 on-site visitors and a total of seven medals for the Swiss team, St Moritz 2017 will be remembered as a great success. Moreover, the event managed to create great positive momentum for the sport of skiing across Switzerland.

Looking back, Hugo Wetzel stressed the importance of a clear vision for the event as key to its success.

“From the beginning, we spent a significant amount of time on defining our overall strategy and direction. It meant that we really took our time before doing anything. For us as Swiss people who like to have plans on a very detailed level, such proper planning paid off and we can confidently say that we achieved what we set out to deliver.”

Franco Giovanoli noted that the event’s key success factors were a combination of decent weather, good Swiss team results and the organizing team’s significant efforts that came together to create a great atmosphere and a true ski festival in St Moritz and beyond.

“The big learning for me personally is that we as organizers really only control one of the three factors: we can create the perfect conditions for the event but then what truly makes the event happen are the people who come on-site. “

From the project and financial management perspective, Thomas Rechberger added:

“We really benefited from the structured project management approach that we implemented with the help of third party professionals from the beginning to the very end. The use of various tools such as project plans, status reports, risk assessment and financial controlling helped us meet our milestones and stay on plan and budget.”