There will be approximately 1400 volunteers working at Åre 2019. And everyone’s contribution will be invaluable. Quite simply, there would be no World Championships without the volunteers. However, taking care of that many people requires special skill and know-how. That is why the core team at Åre 2019 is also being trained in hostmanship and leadership.

The volunteer management team at Åre 2019, which consists of Madelene Aalto, Karin Stolt Halvarsson and Johan Davidsson, is working hard to recruit, train and schedule everyone who have expressed interest in volunteering with the Championships. Volunteers are key for major events which is why it is also important to take care of them properly.

– Our volunteers are involved with carrying out 85 per cent of the various tasks during the two-week event. They are one of our most important resources and we simply could not organize the Championships without them, said Madelene Aalto, Volunteer Manager at Åre 2019.


Wednesday, 5th September, saw the volunteer management team conduct a workshop on hostmanship, the art of making people feel welcome, and leadership with the rest of the Åre 2019 crew. The workshop information, and acquired knowledge from other meetings with the volunteer team, will be then conveyed to all the group leaders and volunteers. The main focus was on engagement, inspiration, support, leadership and enthusiasm which are the most important catchwords to follow so that an organization functions well under pressure.

– That was a good workshop with great discussions. It seems that the entire organization has understood the importance of the task to recruit and train volunteers and the communication issues that may emerge, added Madelene Aalto.

The Åre 2019 volunteers will hail from different parts of the world, have different backgrounds and represent different cultural environments. It is a challenge to create training and information that everyone will be able to understand the same way.

– The greatest challenge is to ensure all understand our information as it is intended. The volunteers are very dispersed so we cannot carry out in-person training with all of them but need to rely on digital means and information. Luckily there will be opportunities to meet many personally in the Fall, stated Madelene Aalto continued:

– Every event is different and the organizers also differ so it is important to develop training programs that fit each event’s purpose and style.

Ensuring that the volunteers experience is a positive one requires that the managers provide a good example and that their response is positive and professional.

– We want that all our volunteers have a great experience, and that they can operate and fulfill their tasks in a safe and professional manner while having a good time, concluded Madelene Aalto.

More than 800 volunteers have so far confirmed their participation in Åre 2019. For more information about volunteering with the World Championships visit the volunteer section on our website