Get Around Åre

During the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 120 000 visitors are expected to come to Åre. To make it easier to get around there will be plenty of shuttle buses and other means of getting around. Below you may find timetables, maps and tips about how to get around Åre.

Park & Ride

Visit Åre hassle free – take advantage of Åre 2019 Park & Ride locations

To reduce hassle for the event’s daily visitors and to avoid a traffic and parking chaos in town, ski fans arriving from Östersund or Trondheim can park in convenient locations in Duved and Såå. Both will have designated Åre 2019 Park & Ride lots with frequent shuttle buses taking the visitors directly to town and later back to their cars.

Shuttle buses will service both Park & Ride locations from 8:00 AM until 9:00 PM in a maximum of 30-minute intervals. During peak times, additional buses will circulate to ensure that any waiting time is minimized. Everything will be within walking distance from the drop-off locations in Åre, including Medals Plaza, Åre Square, Sponsor Village and the National Arena.

Park & Ride will reduce traffic in town but also helps reduce the event’s environmental impact. Transport is what contributes the largest share of the Championships’ carbon footprint. That’s why using the Park & Ride lots will be free of charge for electronic or other sustainable vehicles, or if there are three or more passengers per vehicle. The pricing scheme is another way for Åre 2019 to promote making sustainable transport choices.

The Park & Ride lot in Duved offers space for around 3000 vehicles in total.


Leave your car at the Åre 2019 Park & Ride in Såå or in Duved. You can pay with Swish or with the Easy Park app. Take one of the shuttle buses to town and back for no additional charge.


30 Swedish crowns per car unless there are three or more people in the car. Sustainable vehicles (electric cars, cars running HVO) are free of charge.

Swish number: 123 381 72 69 "Parkering"

Timetables for buses

Åre 2019 Shuttle Buses

Town Shuttles

Park & Ride Shuttles

SkiStar Ski Buses

The ski bus takes you conveniently around our ski area from Duved in the west to Åre Björnen in the east. The ski bus starts running before the lifts open, and continues to run at approximately one hour intervals, with a slightly longer break during lunch, until the lifts close. All skiers ride the bus free of charge, as your SkiPass acts as your ticket.
If you not have an valid SkiPass the cost for the us will be SEK 25 / singel trip, SEK 50 / day and SEK 250 / week.

>> Timetable SkiStar Ski Buses


Traffic and Parking

Parking is hard to come by in central Åre during the World Championships. If you will be arriving by car, please check if your accommodation includes parking space. We recommend that you use public transportation to get around (see Bus Timetables).

Åre Torg (town square) will be closed off for unauthorized vehicles during the Championships. All residents and shop keepers/restaurant owners etc within the closed off perimeter will receive permits to be able to get in and out. The same information is valid for Åre Park/Medals Plaza.

We hope that most of our visitors will use public transportation to get to Åre. For visitors who arrive by car it might be a good idea to check the current traffic and road situation before departure. To check the current traffic situation in and around Åre during the Championships, click the link below.

>> Current Traffic Situation

The Swedish Transport Administration has a website about Traffic safety. The website will be continuously updated with relevant information.

Follow the link below to the STA.

>> Choose the right route


Good to Know 

Take public transport or walk to the Arena

Please bear in mind that there are limited parking spaces in Åre, especially near the Arena. It is only a 15-minute walk from the train station in Åre to the Race Arena. If need be, there are also busses shuttling from the train station (Bahnhof) to the Arena. You will find their schedule above.

Your ski pass is also a ticket (but not vice versa)

You’re planning to do some skiing in Åre? Great – make a stop at the Arena to watch some races. Your ski pass is also your entry ticket (general admission only). If you are skiing down slope number 34 (towards VM8:an), turn to the right after the tunnel to access the Arena. Or just use any entrance to enter with your ski pass. The general admission area is on the skier’s left.

Please note however that your entry ticket cannot be used as a ski pass.

Standing tribune only

Please note that there is no seating in the Arena. Enter the Arena and choose your spot in the sector you bought your ticket for, standing only. First come, first served.

Re-entry to the Arena is allowed

You need to leave the Arena after entering? No problem. Just keep your ticket and show it to our staff when you wish to re-enter.

Where to find some food

In the Public Food Court (located at the bottom of the Media and VIP tent), you will find snacks such as Bratwurst, hamburgers, soups or pasta, sweets and drinks. The Public Food Court is located in the giant white tent on the skier’s left. See image of the arena below. Of course, there are many restaurants and shops in the village of Åre as well. At the tribune there is also a smaller kiosk where you may buy smaller dishes and drinks.

Picnic allowed – no glass in the Race Arena

You are welcome to bring your own picnic to the Arena. Please note that glass bottles are forbidden.

Don´t drink alcohol in public spaces

In Sweden, it is prohibited to drink alcohol in public spaces. Which means that it is not permitted to bring your own alcoholic beverages to the Arena. We will serve some alcoholic beverages in the Public Food Court. Please note that that those need to be enjoyed in the Public Food Court and may not be brought to the tribune.

No cash, no Swish – only cards

Please note that you can only pay by card in the Race Arena including Public Food Court. We won´t accept cash or Swish.

Questions and answers

Do you have more questions about the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2019 in Åre? See our FAQ-section in the main menu to find answers. To access the event program – go to Program.



Park & Ride Maps

Park & Ride East
Park & Ride West

Town Maps

Town Map

Race Arena Map

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