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Do you have a question concerning the Åre 2019 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships from 4-17 February? You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions below. Use the ”search” function if you cannot find what you are looking for. 


How can I book a place to stay?

You can book via SkiStar’s booking system or look for private accommodation on Blocket, Air BnB or any other channels online. For more information, see Travel and stay section on our homepage.

Is there still accommodation available?

There is still plenty of accommodation available in and around Åre during the Championships. Search for accommodation via the SkiStarMitt i Åre homepages Visit Åre or Åre Destination. You can also look for private accommodation available for rent on Blocket or Air BnB.

Can I book a hotel room?

Check out the reservation pages on SkiStarMitt i Åre, Visit Åre or Åre Destination. Many hotels are fully booked by companies or various organizations.

I cannot find any accommodation on SkiStar’s homepage – is it sold out?

Most likely accommodation is available for alternative dates than what you searched for. Try to search for Sunday-Sunday, Sunday-Thursday, Thursday-Sunday or Saturday-Saturday or contact SkiStar’s booking service at +46 771 840 000.  

I would like to rent out my place – how would I do that?

You can register your lodging with us so that we can compare it against the requests we have from the media, sponsors and others. Visit the information summary under Information to house owners and fill out the online form.

How much will the accommodation cost?

The cost will depend on the location and type of lodging you select. All accommodation available through SkiStar or Åre 2019 is available for the normal high season prices. We cannot guarantee that private individuals offering their lodging for rent charge the same prices.

What is the closest city to Åre where I can look for accommodation?

Östersund is about an hour away by car and offers a number of hotels, hostels and private accommodation options. Trondheim is the second closest city after Östersund, approximately 170 kilometers West of Åre.

If I cannot or do not want to stay in Åre, where should I look?

Duved is located 10 kilometers from Åre, just after the Tegefjäll holiday town. Storlien is 60 km from Åre, near the Norwegian border, and has plenty of accommodation available. To the East, the options include Björnen, Undersåker, Såå, Järpen and Mörsil and it might be worth looking in Kall, Huså och Edsåsdalen as well.

Are there any camping areas in Åre?

There are camping areas in Såå and near the Rista Falls. In Åre itself, there is no camping.


What can you do in Åre besides watching the competitions? 

There will be heaps of things going on in Åre during the Championships both in and outside of town in addition to the competitions. See the section called “Program” for a full list of activities and the daily program for all race activities here.

Activities for children? 

Should you bring your kids to Åre? Of course! See the “Kid’s Corner” for more information on all the fun activities we have in store for the youngsters.


Who is broadcasting the Championships?

In Sweden it will be SVT that has the national rights for live coverage. Overall, Åre 2019 will be broadcast to some 700 million viewers worldwide.

Do I need to have a special photo accreditation if I take photos?

If you are making still photos of the competitions or related activities for publication use, you must have a photo accreditation. To receive one, please submit your request using the online form in the Media section. All photographers, including freelancers, are required to have a photo accreditation.

How do I get accredited?

Go to the Media section on our home page and complete the online form to request an accreditation. An accreditation is required to access the special media zones. This also applies to the media working for online media outlets.

How can I have access to the racers to conduct interviews and take photos?

Each national team have their own media coordinators. Please contact our Chief of Media Karin Stolt Halvarsson for more information at


Where can I buy official Åre 2019 merchandise?

Clothing and other Åre 2019 branded material will be sold online via SkiStar’s homepage and in selected SkiStar stores.

Can I use the Åre 2019 logo?

No, unless you have a special agreement that allows you to do so with Åre 2019 AB. There are clear rules concerning the use of the Åre 2019, FIS and SkiStar logos which are defined in the agreement. If you have any questions in this regard, contact the Åre 2019 marketing department at


Does Åre 2019 have a mascot?

The championships mascot is the Åre mascot Valle who will be attending the entire Championships.

How will you ensure safety and security during the event?

Åre 2019 is working closely with the police and security services so that all visitors can feel safe. The event security profile is continuously adjusted based on the prevailing threat situation which is currently considered very low.

Will it be a true World Championships festival in town?

The entire town will be involved in the Championships in one way or other. We are confident that it will be a two-week long festival that offers something to every visitor, young or old.

Where is the organizing committee’s office located?

Those working for Åre 2019 AB have their offices at the Swedish National Arena located at Årevägen 180, near the so-called VM8 chair lift. During the Championships, the staff will be located all over town in different locations.

Who owns the organizing company Åre 2019 AB?

Åre 2019 is owned 50%/50% by SkiStar AB and the Swedish Ski Association (SSF).

How can I apply to work for Åre 2019?

There are no more positions open with Åre 2019.

Can I have something to eat at the National Arena during the competitions?

Yes, there will be various food and beverage options available at public hospitality stands both inside and outside of the Arena.


How does Åre 2019 work with sustainability?

Åre 2019 AB aims to do its very best to reduce the event’s impact on the environment and to carry out the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2019 as sustainably as possible. That means that the organization has set itself clear goals e.g. related to the environment, the sustainability of the procurement process, the use of energy, and the amount of waste recycled rather than burnt. For more information about how Åre 2019 works for being as sustainable as possible, please visit Sustainability in our main menu.

What does sustainability mean when it comes to the World Championships?

Sustainability for Åre 2019 does not only refer to the environment although that is the main part of our work. We also put emphasis on the social and financial dimensions of sustainability. Åre 2019 is working to leave a long-term legacy for the community and the surrounding region. For more information, visit the About us section in the menu.

How is waste managed during the event?

Åre 2019 is working together with the municipality of Åre to ensure that the waste is sorted properly and recycled. There will be recycling stations around the Arena as well as in town center as well as Åre 2019 Green Team helping the visitors to dispose of their waste correctly. Åre 2019 cooperates with Keep Sweden Tidy (Håll Sverige Rent) and the regional partner Lundstams to reach the best possible result.

Why has Åre 2019 made sustainability such a focus of its work?

We want to serve as role model for future events and transfer knowledge to upcoming organizers of winter sports events about alternative ways and methods for staging major events in more sustainable fashion. For more information, visit the About us section.


Where can I buy tickets?

All tickets are available for sale through our partner Eventim’s online portal where a great selection of different tickets is on offer – for daily, several days’ or weekly visits. Visit our Tickets page for more information about buying, support, rules of purchase and a link to the online shop.

Will tickets be sold at the door?

Yes, you can buy tickets at the door but we recommend you buy them in advance so you do not lose time standing in line.

Will some competitions be sold out?

The chances are relatively low because of the size of the Arena but it makes sense to secure your tickets before you travel to Åre to ensure you can watch the competitions.

Does my ski pass provide entry to the Arena?

Yes, any valid ski pass will also provide entry to the Arena that same day.

Are there any special or group tickets?

Yes, various groups received special prices – please email us at for more information. 

I have an impairment; can I also come and watch the competitions in the finish area?

Absolutely! Please contact us at for more information about suitable offers.

Are there special tickets for children?

Yes, children under the age of 8 are free of charge in the general admission area. Children and youth between the ages of 8 and 16 can buy tickets at reduced prices. For more information visit our Tickets page.

Can I come and watch the downhill training runs?

Yes! It’s free entry on days with no medal competitions.

Can I return my ticket after purchase?

No, unfortunately repurchase of tickets is not possible. For more information visit our Tickets page.

What happens if a competition is postponed?

Competitions that are postponed can be rescheduled to another time or day. Your tickets will retain their validity.

What if a competition is cancelled?

A refund is provided if an event is canceled but not if the event is rescheduled to a different starting time or day during the Championship period (5-17 February 2019). The amount refunded is the cost of tickets only, excluding any service fees, distribution fees and administrative fees for the handling of tickets.

What if I lose my tickets?

Åre 2019 AB cannot take responsibility for tickets after delivery to the buyer. Lost tickets are not replaced or refunded.

I would like to go to the VIP hospitality – are any tickets available?

Tickets are available to the VIP lounge located at the finish line. You can enjoy excellent food & drinks and watch the competitions all in one place! For more information, visit our Tickets page.


Can I take the train to Åre?

Yes! We recommend that you consider taking the train to Åre because that is both easy and sustainable. The train station in Åre is located right in the middle of the town and within a short walking distance to the Arena. The easiest way to book the train is via the national railway company SJ’s homepage at

Where is the closest airport located?

The Åre/Östersund and Trondheim airports are the airports closest to Åre. If you want to book a shuttle from Åre Östersund Airport, go to If you wish to book your transfer from Trondheim Airport, go to or take the train to Åre. Go to Travel & Stay in our main menu to book with a discount! Our official supplier Europcar have service desks at both airports and are available for booking. Use this link for booking with a discount. The railway station is located right in the middle of the town in Åre. Visit Travel & Stay in our main menu for more information and helpful links for traveling to and from Åre.

How can I get to Åre from the airport?

Please note that there are no Åre 2019 airport shuttles. If you want to book a shuttle from Åre Östersund Airport, go to If you wish to book your transfer from Trondheim Airport, go to or take the train to Åre. Go to Travel & Stay in our main menu to book your train ticket with a discount! Our official supplier Europcar have service desks at both airports and are available for booking. Use this link for booking with a discount.

Please note that it might be difficult to find parking in and around Åre during the Championships. Check before arrival that parking is included in your accommodation. Day travelers may park at our Park & Ride areas from where a shuttle will frequently run between the parking lot and Åre town.

Can I travel up from Stockholm for the day?

Yes! You can take the train from Stockholm in the evening before and then wake up in Åre. The train from Åre leaves in the late afternoon after the competitions and you will arrive back in Stockholm later that evening. You can also take the night train from Åre back to Stockholm. Book your train travel via our website at Travel & Stay in our main menu to get a discount. 

Can I drive to Åre?

Yes, but please note that there will be traffic and parking restrictions in and around town during the Championships. There will be no parking right at the Arena and instead we will organize park and ride areas East and West of Åre from where shuttle buses will be available to take you to the competition venue.

Where can I park

There will be bigger parking lots outside of Åre both East and West of the town. You will then be able to take a free shuttle bus to the Arena. There will be no parking available near the Arena.

Will there be transport service to get around town?

Yes, the SkiStar ski buses will offer a regular service around town.

Will there be traffic restrictions in town?

The center of Åre will be closed for traffic during the event, as well as other selected roads. Keep checking our homepage and social media channels for special arrangements during the Championships.

How will I get to the Arena?

By foot or by bus. The Arena is only around 1 kilometer from the center of Åre and the road is paved, almost flat and easy to walk.


Will I be provided accommodation as a volunteer?

Ja! We will provide accommodation for all the days that you work as volunteer, if you do not have access to accommodation in Åre or near-by.

Can I live with my friends or family?

Should you have any special requests regarding who you would like to live with, contact us at

Where will my accommodation be located?

Volunteer accommodation will be located outside of the center of Åre. It will be an approximately 10-minute bus ride to and from your accommodation and we will provide shuttle buses for you to take. The exact location of your accommodation will be communicated in due course.

When will I have to leave my accommodation?

Depending on the time period(s) you will work, the check-out days are either 10 February or 17 February 2019.

What if I do not want to live in the accommodation assigned to me?

Åre 2019 provides all volunteers with accommodation. If you choose to live somewhere other than the assigned accommodation, you are welcome to arrange your own place to stay, or swap your accommodation with another volunteer working the same time period / days as you.

When can I check-in?

The main days of arrival is 3 February or 10 February 2019. Detailed information about your place of accommodation, such as its check-in procedures will be provided in due course.

How will I get to my accommodation?

There will be regular shuttle buses especially in the morning and the afternoon that you can ride to get to your accommodation. The shuttles will also be running in the evening so that you can participate in the activities that are taking place at Åre Square and the near-by park. You can also ride the Åre ski busses with your accreditation. For their timetable, see here:

What will the accommodation be like?

The general standard will be hostel level.

Will I have to share the room?

Yes, you will have to share the room with other volunteers. Most accommodation have 2-6 beds/room.

Will I have a private bathroom?

In some cases, the bathroom will be in the room (en suite). In other cases, the bathroom will be in the corridor.

Can I park at my accommodation?

Availability of parking will depend on each accommodation. See detailed information provided in due course.

Will I receive a uniform to wear while working?

Yes, provided you commit to volunteer a minimum of six days during the Championships. If you work less than the required number of days, you can borrow a uniform or pay for the difference.

What is included in the uniform?

The volunteer uniform package will include a ski suit that includes pants, a jacket, a soft shell, a shirt, gloves and a beanie. We recommend that you also read the information put together for “Staying warm” at

Do I have to return my uniform?

No, not if you have worked the required six days.

What if my uniform does not fit?

You may swap your clothing with other volunteers. We will have an information board in the Volunteer Center and a Facebook group for uniform swapping. Stay tuned for more information!

What if my uniform breaks?

Contact the Volunteer Center and come by with the defect piece(s).

How should I be dressed?

Warm! No ankle shoes, cotton socks or thin mittens if you want to stay warm. Make sure you have a woolen base layer, warm wool socks and shoes / boots with a thick, insulating base. Also make sure that your boots are not tight. Wool socks are thicker than normal ones and tight shoes make your toes freeze much faster. Wool is material that keeps warmth even if wet as opposed to other garments such as cotton. A down jacket (natural or synthetic, such as primaloft) that you can wear under your uniform jacket is also recommended. Do not forget to cover your face and fingers! It might also help to buy liners which you can wear under your gloves. Wearing tape or a ski mask o/r buff is also a good way to protect your face. Click here for more tips for “Staying warm.”

How do I get around?

You can hop on any of the ski buses that circle the town and also service Duved, Tegefjäll, Rödkullen and Björnen. You can ride them free of charge with a valid ski pass and/or your accreditation.

Can I park my car at the Arena?

No, there will be no parking at the Arena. In general, it will be difficult to drive and park in the center of Åre during the Championships. There will be various public transport options in town and for travel to and from your accommodation. Some volunteer groups will be able to park at Rödkullen or at other assigned parking spaces depending on their specific tasks or roles.

How will I get home at night?

The shuttle buses will circulate between the Arena and your accommodation all day long. There will also be buses in operation at night so that you can participate in the night activities at Åre Square and around town. You can also use the regular ski buses free of with your accreditation or ski pass.

How will I get to the Arena in the morning?

The shuttle buses will start their service early enough for you to get to the Arena in time and continue circulating all day long.

How will I get to Åre from the Åre/Östersund Airport?

You can take the airport bus to the center of Åre but please make sure you book your space when you book your flights so that your transfers are confirmed. You can also take the bus to Östersund and take the train or bus from there. It is recommended to pre-book your tickets. We encourage ride-sharing and there is a special Facebook channel for that (Volunteer Crew Åre 2019). When you have been accepted as a volunteer you will get an invitation to that channel.

How will I get to Åre from Trondheim?

You can take the airport bus or train from the airport in Trondheim. Book your transfer on the airport’s homepage or train at .

How will I get to Åre from Stockholm?

If you are flying to the Arlanda airport, you can book a connecting flight to the Åre/Östersund Airport (OSD), which is located some 100km from Åre. From there, you can ride the airport bus or taxi to Åre. You can also take a train directly from Arlanda all the way to Åre. Please note that you need to pre-book the train.

What is the closest airport to Åre?

The closest airport is the Åre/Östersund Airport (OSD) which is about an hour from Åre by car. Vaernes or the Trondheim Airport (TRD) is located about two hours from Åre by car. You can arrange transfers with the airport bus or taxi from either airport. From the Trondheim Airport it is also possible to take the train to Åre.

Can I travel by train to Åre?

Yes! The Åre railway station is located right in the middle of town and you can take the train from Stockholm, Sundsvall, Östersund, Storlien, Trondheim and many other places. There are a number of operating companies but you can book all train connections at or at Snälltåget.

How do I make our travel arrangements?

Book your train travel with SJ, the Swedish National Rail Company. Go to Travel & Stay in our main menu to book with a discount. Most large airlines fly to Stockholm (go to the Swedavia website here for more information) and you can check which airlines that traffic Trondheim Airport here. Remember to book the whole journey from your home town to Åre, including transfers from the airport if you are flying. Book your transfer from Trondheim Airport via, or book a rental car via our supplier Europcar to receive a discount here.

Do I receive meals when I am working?

Yes, if you are working over lunch you are served lunch. If you are working during dinner time, you are served dinner.

Will I have time to eat during my shift?

Everyone will have sufficient time to have a meal during their shifts. Make sure to communicate with your team and team leaders so that you coordinate breaks and mealtimes.

I have allergies – how can I ensure I get the right type of food?

Please let us know in advance of any allergies or dietary restrictions so that we have sufficient time to arrange for alternative meals for you. When you register as a volunteer, you have the opportunity to share your allergies or other dietary restrictions with us.

What kind of food will the volunteers be served?

Volunteers will be served home-cooked warm meals as well as fruit, chocolate and other warm beverages during the day. All volunteer meals will be served at the Volunteer Center on the days you are working, i.e. lunch or dinner, depending on the daily competition schedule.

Where will the volunteer meals be served?

All volunteer meals will be served at the Volunteer Center.

How will I know where I report to work?

Your team leader will contact you with information on where and when you will meet.

How will I know what I have to do?

Information about your tasks during your scheduled period of work is included in your profile in our volunteer management system called My Eventbuilder. You will also receive information through our communication tool called Slack.

Which team will I be part of?

You will receive specific details about your team via Slack and through your profile in My Eventbuilder.

If I cannot do the assigned tasks, what should I do?

Contact your team leader who will facilitate contact with someone who can re-assign you to better suitable tasks for you.

What should I do if I am sick or get injured?

Contact your team leader to inform them that you are sick / injured.

Who is my team leader?

You will receive information on your team leader and their contact details via Slack and your profile in My Eventbuilder.

How will I know my shift times?

Your shifts will be available via My Eventbuilder.

If I need to change my shift, what should I do?

You can swap with someone in your team and let your team leader know about the exchange.

How will I receive my accreditation?

You can pick up your accreditation at the Welcome Center in Holiday Club (behind the Åre railway station) on arrival.

Do I always have to wear my accreditation?

You will always need to wear your accreditation when you are in the National Arena or any other areas that are not open for public. You will also need to wear your accreditation when you are working. Your accreditation is your identity and access card in all the accredited areas as well as on the shuttle and ski buses.

Where should I go when I arrive in Åre?

First go to the Welcome Center in Holiday Club, behind the Åre railway station, to pick up your accreditation. Then go to the Volunteer Center next to the Arena (located at Årevägen 180). Then you can take the shuttle bus to your accommodation.

How should I communicate with my team leader and team?

You will be invited to a Slack group with your team leader and team members. Slack is the communication tool that we are going to use before and during the event. It is IMPORTANT that you download the Slack app available here and get familiar with its features before you travel to Åre. We provide instructions for Slack use both in the volunteer newsletter and in our vlogs.

How can I become a volunteer?

Visit the Volunteers page on our website and read the job description. If you wish to register as volunteer, submit your application and create a profile in our volunteer management system by filling in all the required information. We are continuously reviewing applications and you will get our response as soon as we have reviewed your application. Should you have any specific questions please email us at

How do I know whether I was accepted as volunteer?

You will receive an email from us to the email address you provided in your registration. More information will follow soon after that.

Will I be paid as a volunteer?

No, but we will provide you with accommodation, meals and clothing that suits your role. In addition you will have a chance to network and make new friends and have a fantastic memory for a lifetime!

Do I have to commit to volunteer for the entire duration of the Championships (i.e. two weeks)?

No, you can also volunteer for shorter periods of time. We have divided the Championships in two main periods and you can submit your preference regarding the period of work that suits you best. 

Can I decide what kind of work I do as a volunteer?

Yes, when you submit your registration and application you can also describe your preferences regarding the type of role you are interested in.

Will I be trained for my role as a volunteer? 

As a volunteer you will be required to complete a general volunteer and hostmanship training program. You will also receive a lot of information and training for your specific area of work. Your team leader will also be there to help you complete your assignments.

Will I receive accommodation and travel compensation as volunteer?

Åre 2019 will provide you with accommodation but cannot compensate for your travel costs to Åre. Once on site in Åre, we provide transport from your accommodation to the Arena and back. To find someone to share a ride to Åre with, join the Volunteers Åre 2019 Facebook group to meet other volunteers and share travel plans.

Will I be able to watch the races as volunteers?

You will be able to see some of the competitions as you will also have time off during the period you are volunteering.

What times will I work as a volunteer?

Working times will vary and some roles will require early wake-ups depending on your assignment. In general, the shifts will resemble normal working day duration but they can start and end at different times of the day. You will receive a personal shift plan once on site.