What is key to making a World Championship successful?  Obviously it requires an experienced organization but it is also clear that the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships could not be carried out without skilled and cheerful volunteers. We are currently on a road trip to find more volunteers to work with us at Åre 2019.

The primary focus during an Alpine World Champs is on the racers themselves. They are the ones seen on TV and in the media. But behind-the-scenes there are a range of individuals who are making it happen and many of them are volunteers.

Volunteers play a major role in making the competitions and everything else from food distribution to parking work smoothly. Many return year after year and have participated in numerous FIS World Cups in Åre and some were even part of the team organizing the previous edition of the World Ski Championships in Åre in 2007. Yet others are first-timers but no matter their previous experience it will be a life-long memory to be part of staging a World Championship, or that’s so at least if you ask Tompa Eriksson, who’s been helping out since 2005.

– I think everyone who loves skiing will find this exciting. You get to be in the middle of it all happening right next to the world stars, says Tompa Eriksson, a local Åre resident.

He recommends working as volunteer because it is great to work toward a common goal, among other things.

– I started in 2005 and I’m sold. I return whenever I can. Even if you are just hanging out, I promise that you will have something to talk about when you get home.

Some 1300-1500 volunteers will be needed to help out at Åre 2019. 800 have already registered and we are currently on a recruiting road trip. We will attend the Skistar Winter Games and Ski Funtastic in Sälen in order to answer questions about working for the World Champs.

We are particularly looking for ”slippers” – or expert skiers tasked to remove the snow on the slope between the racers.

– You have to be a really good skier to do that because the slope is hard as cement. If you are not used to those conditions, it can be a bit of a problem. My tip: advanced ski ability, sharp edges and good humor and it will be fantastic, says Tompa Eriksson.

The Åre 2019 tent will be in the finish area at Lindvallen in Sälen. Besides information on volunteering you can win tickets to races during Åre 2019.