”We believe in openness,” says Alpine Director of the Swedish Ski Team Alpine.

Even as the ski season was coming to an end, the winter kept a firm grip on Åre. While the snow was melting elsewhere, it kept falling in Åre and ski racers from all over the world were keen to take advantage of the so-called fifth season.

”We’ve had the best possible conditions in Åre throughout the spring,” said Alpine Director Tommy Eliasson Winter.

A large number of athletes from Team USA enjoyed great training conditions throughout their stay. The Norwegian and German teams also took advantage of the invitation to train on the 2019 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships slopes. And the teams’ feedback has been very positive.

”The feedback we got from the teams was great. The snow has been cold, the slopes’ availability has been great and SkiStar (the owner of the Åre ski resort, editor’s remark) has done a great job,” said Eliasson Winter.

He believes in keeping the invitation for training on the future FIS Alpine World Ski Championship slopes open during certain parts of the season to all teams that are interested in the opportunity.

”We believe in openness so we welcome all national teams to Åre for training before the 2019 Championships. We will be on our home turf no matter what so we have an advantage in any case,” said Eliasson Winter.