Patrik Svärd is being interviewed in front of the audience at Toppidrettsveka in Trondheim.

It may have been a record warm summer but for the team at Åre 2019, the focus remains on the winter and skiing, and on promoting winter sports even in the summer! During the summer months, Åre 2019 has already been present at the Almedalen political week, the Storsjöyran music festival and last weekend, it was time to visit the Toppidrottsveka in Trondheim and the surrounding Tröndelag region.

Despite the extraordinary heat wave this summer, Åre 2019 remains focused on snow and the winter because the Åre 2019 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships are now just around the corner. With the northern winds beginning to blow over Åre, we look back to the summer visits to Almedalen, Storsjöyran and Toppidrottsveka where we met many potential Åre 2019 visitors and discussed the upcoming Championships.

At Almedalen, both Åre 2019 and the Swedish Ski Association took part in well attended discussions about event sustainability. At the Storsjöyran music festival, carried out in unusually warm weather, the main goal was to recruit and inform potential volunteers about the event. Karin Stolt Halvarsson, Media & Broadcasting Director for Åre 2019, represented Åre 2019 at Almedalen.

– It is incredibly important to be visible in the region and remind everyone who lives here that the region will be hosting two World Championships in 2019. Of course we want them to attend the 2019 Biathlon World Championships in Östersund but we also want them to come to Åre for the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. With luck, there will be athletes from Östersund on the starting lists as well, said Stolt Halvarsson.

The Toppidrettsveka is an annual event in the Norwegian region of Tröndelag founded 2005, and is the biggest sports event there now. For the past decade, the roller skiing race has seen a strong international field representing the world’s elite in Cross-Country Skiing and Biathlon. Last week, a large number of international stars were again at the start in races in Aure, Orkdal and Trondheim. Of course, Åre 2019 was right in the middle of it, too.

– When you live and work in an area where major sporting events are common, it’s easy to take things for granted. It is important for us to humbly show the people in this region that we are working in the region but also that the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in 2019 will be the biggest winter sports event in Swedish history, said Stolt Halvarsson.

Besides the sports activities, Toppidrettsveka is a meeting place for the local business and politics. The Tröndelag region is important for Åre 2019 given its location just over 200 kilometers from Åre and considering the major successes of the Norwegian Alpine Ski Team in recent years. Jan Andersson, who works with ticketing and VIP at Åre 2019, was one of the Åre 2019 representatives in Aure och Orkdal.

– Our experience from Åre 2007 is that Tröndelag is a close-by and important market. Distances in Tröndelag are short and the region has a large number of residents. They are also very keen on sports. In Norway, people like to attend sport competitions and many Toppidrettsveka visitors are loyal Åre guests which is the perfect opening to talk about Åre 2019, said Andersson.

The team representing Åre 2019 in Trondheim consisted of Tor Iversen, Patrik Svärd, Lisa Johansson and CEO Niklas Carlsson who gave several presentations on the Championships. The biggest draw at the Åre 2019 stand were the virtual reality goggles which allowed both young and old to experience what it feels like to race slalom or super-G on the 2019 World Championships slopes.

– Åre 2019 will continue to be present at small and large events there, from the biker breakfast in Verdal to Steinkjersfestivals with thousands of participants. These activities are complemented by our work with various businesses trying to create awareness and interest for the Championships, said Andersson.

If you want to meet Åre 2019 personally, make sure to follow our social media channels to know where we are out and abot next, and come by to say hello!