What would the World Ski Championships be without an official Championship soup?

Already last summer, the Åre 2019 organizing committee asked one of Åre’s best-known food experts and chefs, Daniel Matthias, to create the perfect soup for the 2019 highlight event in Middle Sweden.

– When I received the inquiry to become the World Championships chef, it felt as if Janne Andersson (editor’s note: the captain of the Swedish football national team) had invited me to join the team on their January camp in Russia. This is clearly a task of honor, says Daniel Matthias.

Developing the perfect recipe for a soup that needs to represent the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, the community of Åre and the region of Jämtland is no easy feat. But soon Daniel Matthias’s creative juices started flowing and the result is a tasty soup with flavors of both the Jämtland region and the world.

– Creating simplicity is difficult. The soup needs to taste as local and grounded in our region as possible, yet have a clear connection to skiing. Skiing, in my view, represents something healthy, fresh and modern.

The official World Championships soup can be enjoyed by almost anyone since it is gluten-free, lactose-free and contains no animal fats. It is made of local ingredients with an international touch of chili, orange and turmeric, and some other special flavors. The main idea behind the recipe is to characterize the World Championships that by default are international and local at the same time.

Saturday 9th December, the official presentation of the World Championship soup took place in conjunction with SkiStar’s ski test weekend. Tired skiers were able to relax their legs while listening to Åre CEO Niklas Carlsson provide an update on Åre 2019 and enjoying the delicious soup.

– The official Åre 2019 soup is yet another way for us to demonstrate the perfect symbiosis among the unique community of Åre and our region of Jämtland, the sport of Alpine skiing and the 2019 World Ski Championships, states Niklas Carlsson, CEO of Åre 2019.

– By using locally sourced and produced ingredients that can be enjoyed by most everyone regardless of dietary restrictions, the Championships soup also embodies our focus on sustainability in everything we do, adds Carlsson.

But there is yet another connection between food and alpine skiing, says Daniel Matthias.

– The challenge in cooking is to meet the expectations of each individual customer which means having to reach for the top of the podium every day. Cooking is a judged sport, which is tough, concludes Daniel Matthias.

Visit our YouTube channel to watch the entire video here and perhaps try to make it yourself!

Daniel Matthias in a nutshell

• Started his career as a dish washer at a restaurant in Östersund, the summer between the 6th and 7th grades
• Today a chef, baker and owner of Grädda bakery in Åre
• Sees cooking to be as much about the produce than the presentation: “You are no better than your latest creation.”
• Has great passion for food and finds challenge in creating new techniques and taste experiences: “Working with food is a pleasure, it’s about making something everyone needs and most truly enjoy.”