The FIS Junior Alpine World Ski Championships’ second downhill training provided great conditions. Despite the wind, the athletes were happy with the course despite some trouble in one of the technical parts of the slope.

The second day of downhill training at the FIS Junior Alpine World Ski Championships in Åre was as sunny and wintry as the first one. On Monday the start had been moved down due to heavy winds but, despite some wind on Tuesday, the athletes were able to start from the top of the race hill and were content with the conditions.

”It’s way nicer to start from the top – you have some sweep coming in from the side and the scenery up at the start is beautiful,” said the first racer to start, Stefanie Fleckenstein of Canada.

Being the first athlete out is not easy, but Fleckenstein was very happy with the conditions.

”The snow was amazing today. I’m surprised it wasn’t bumpy at all after the boys (the men’s training on Monday) and the course is really fun. It’s got technical parts and the jumps are quite good,” Fleckenstein says.

Swedish athlete Fanny Axelsson agrees. But for her, as for many of the other athletes, one of the toughest parts of the course, ”Stöveln” (The Boot), caused some trouble.

”The conditions are perfect. There’s nothing to complain about. But I came in late in ”Stöveln,” and it’s a tough turn. And since we started higher up today, my speed was higher when you get into that turn,” Axelsson says.

Just like on Monday, the Austrian and Swedish teams performed well. Austrian Dajana Dengscherz was the fastest athlete in the ladies’ training, closely followed by Lin Ivarsson of Sweden and Dengscherz’s teammate Nina Ortlieb.

The men’s training started with some serious skiing from the athletes, resulting in three of the first five competitors not finishing the training run. The fastest male athlete in Monday’s first training, Maximilian Lahnsteiner performed well again and had second best time on Tuesday, only three-hundredths behind Nils Alphand, France. Olle Sundin, Sweden, came in with the third fastest time, only one-hundredths from the second place.

The FIS Alpine Junior World Ski Championships continue on Wednesday with the ladies’ and men’s downhill medal competitions. Fanny Axelsson hopes to perform even better during the race than she has during the two training sessions.

”My goal is to win a medal, absolutely. This is just training so you have no idea what tomorrow brings but I think the downhill is my biggest chance for a medal, and perhaps the super-G”.

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