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More than 120 000 visitors are expected to come to Åre during the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, 5-17 February 2019. Volunteers, sponsors, media and many others will also be on site during the championships and our aim is to give each and every person an experience they will never forget. To be able to do that, we need your help. The most important thing is to make everyone who comes to Åre feel welcome, and that every person is greeted with warmth, friendly smiles and professionality. Competent and qualified volunteers make all the difference between a good and a fantastic event and we want volunteers who want to contribute to deliver the latter. Sign up to be a volunteer and become a world champion too!

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We need the help of 1500 skilled and engaged volunteers before, during and after the championships. Most of our volunteers will be working in the Course Crew so we are looking for skilled alpine skiers. But we also want you who want to work closely with the teams and the athletes or with communication or other tasks. You don’t have to be an alpine expert to be a volunteer at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships!

To work as a volunteer can be hard work and the days can grow long, but it is also an experience for life. It might be tough at times but ask anyone who was a volunteer at the 2007 championships and they will tell you that you will only remember the good times!

You will be able to go behind the backdrop of the largest winter sport event of 2019 and experience world class skiing up close. And you will meet new people and find friends and create relations that will last long after the nets have been dismantled. 



FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2019

Åre has had the privilege to host the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships twice: in 1954 and in 2007. After two fantastic events it is now time again in 2019. It is estimated that more than 120 000 people will come to Åre, which is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see, during the race days to watch when the best skiers in the world compete for the medals. The championships take place from 5 to 17 February 2019 and kicks off with the opening ceremony on 4 February.

The championships in numbers

14 Race days
11 Medal Events
600 Competitors
65 Nations
18 500 m safety nets
69% - grade at the steepest point
120 000 visitors
600 hours of TV broadcasting
700 million TV viewers worldwide
1500 volunteers
1300 media representatives

Events: Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super-g, Downhill, Alpine Combined and Alpine Team Event. Find the race program under The Competitions in our main menu.

Description of the volunteer jobs

When you work as a volunteer for the World Championships in Åre2019, you’ll be an ambassador not just for the event but also for the village. Go to the link below to read about what the different working areas are and what they involve.

We look forward to having you as a part of our team!

If you have questions about volunteering, accommodation or transportation, please contact us at volunteer@are2019.com.


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The volunteer team

Karin Stolt Halvarsson
Head of Volunteers & Broadcast Manager

+ 46 76 828 20 07

Madelene Aalto
Volunteer Manager

+46 72 545 02 99

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Your volunteer application is submitted to our online registration system Eventbuilder. You create a profile by entering the requested information, saving your profile and submitting your application to the 2019 championship. You can change any information that you have specified in your profile at any time. This also where you specify which work area you want to work in. Click on the link to get to Eventbuilder.

Social Media

Follow Åre 2019 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As a volunteer, it is also beneficial to follow our volunteer page on Facebookwhere you will get information and where you can communicate with other volunteers. Maybe you might find a travel companion? To engage in Åre 2019 on social media, use our official hashtag #are2019.


To be fully staffed during the championship period, including before and after the event, all volunteers will get a personal schedule For the Åre 2019 crew to be fully staffed during the championship period, including before and after the event, all volunteers will get a personal schedule based on your requests made in the application. Your schedule will be available in your profile at Eventbuilder when all scheduling is complete. See the time periods below.

Period 1: 3-10 February

Official arrival date for all who work during this period is 3 February, 2019.

Period 2: 10-17 February

Official arrival date for all who work during this period is 10 Febuary.

Construction: 28 January – 3 February

Official arrival date for all who work during the construction period is 28 January.

Dismantling: 18-24 February



As a volunteer you may apply for accommodation via Åre 2019, if you don't already have accommodation. If your accommodation is booked via Åre 2019 you will be staying with other volunteers in cottages or hostels. The size and the form of the the rooms and housing vary and 4-6 volunteers share rooms or accommodation depending on what type of housing is provided. More information about your accommodation will be sent to you via email.


To get into the race arena and areas that are closed for visitors and unauthorized personnel you will need to get your accreditation before you start working. You need to carry your accreditation, which is a plastic badge that you can carry around your neck, at all times while you work. Your accreditation states which areas you are allowed to get into. Pick up your accreditation at the Welcome Center at Schibstedt Arena at the Holiday Club Hotel which is located right next to Åre Station in the village center.


More information about volunteer clothing will be available here in autumn/winter of 2018/2019.