We need a champion for every position

We predict that more than 120,000 people will visit Åre during the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in 2019. Our aim is to give each and every person fantastic competitions and an experience they will never forget – but we need your help! Along with the weather and the results, most important is that everyone who visits Åre is welcomed with warmth, professionalism and the friendliest of smiles. Competent and qualified volunteers are what make the difference between a good and a fantastic world championships, so we are on the lookout for people who want to be part of delivering the latter.

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We will need help from up to 1500 volunteers during the 2019 World Championships, as well as before and after the event itself. Most volunteers will work on the slopes, so we are looking for a large number of particularly competent skiers, as well as people who want to work in areas such as media, services or communication.

Working as a volunteer can be demanding, but it also provides memories that last a lifetime. You will be at the heart of the largest alpine sports event after the Olympics, and will be there to experience, up-close, the world’s best skiers competing for medals. And, not least, you will build relationships and gain experiences that will last long after the A- and B-nets have been taken down.  

You can choose to join us for one or more of our events. Read the event descriptions below and then complete the form if you’re interested in becoming a champion too.

FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2019

After two wonderful events in 1954 and 2007, Åre will once again host the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. It is estimated that 120,000 people will visit Åre on race days when the best alpine skiers in the world complete for medals. The championships, which will take place from 5 to 17 February 2019, kicks off with the opening ceremony on February 4th.

Description of the volunteer jobs

When you work as a volunteer for the World Championships in Åre2019, you’ll be an ambassador not just for the event but for the whole village. We are looking for people who can do their assigned tasks with a smile on their face no matter what. Read below to see what the different volunteer jobs entails. We look forward to having you as a part of our team.

If you have questions about accommodation or transport, please go to Travel & Stay in our main menu or contact us at info@are2019.com.

If you have questions about volunteering, please contact us at volunteer@are2019.com.

Course Crew

Most volunteers in this group will be on the Course Maintenance Team which entail: assistance in venue and course construction, maintenance, side-slipping, shoveling, raking, and B-net installation plus other duties as assigned.

Requirements: Are you the kind of person that loves a challenge, likes hard work and being a true hero? Are you in prime physical condition, an expert alpine skier, capable of handling a steep, icy course while carrying equipment? Are you ready and prepared to perform assigned duties in inclement weather (high winds, marginal snow conditions, heavy snowfall, low visibility, rain and other extreme weather conditions) for prolonged periods of time… Oh boy, do we have a job for you!
Unless you can with confidence claim you are strong and good enough to handle the icy nightmare of a slope, we require prior on-course alpine race experience.
As a Volunteer, you must also follow a defined protocol when interacting with athletes, teams and their support staff. And also, since the athlete that can handle telemark skis or a snowboard on an Alpine World Championships slope is not yet born, for safety reasons, those types of equipment are banned from the arena.
If you do feel like you meet the requirements, join us and be a true champion, it's the best job in the world!


When you are working with accreditation one of your main tasks is to see that staff, volunteers and teams have the correct accreditation which gives them access to specific areas around the race arena and course access. You will be working at the Welcome Center and be the first point of contact for accredited event personnel and will perform other related administrative duties. Working knowledge of English is required.


At Anti-doping you are part of a team that will chaperone athletes who are selected for the anti-doping test. You will not be the one to perform the test, nor do you need to take one, but you will be the person to follow the athletes to the anti-doping facilities. Training for this role will be provided on site. Here you must be courteous and show consideration for the athletes. Working knowledge of English is required.


You will be joining the team which performs all the ceremonies, including the opening, flower, medal and closing ceremonies. You have to be active and be able to perform your tasks under time pressure.


If you’re a text-wizard or if you believe that you’re the next Annie Leibovitz the Communications department is the place for you. As a volunteer at the Comms department you participate in giving the audience, the athletes and the teams, and the people that for some reason don’t have the option of being on site, the best experience possible of the event.
You will deliver high quality texts and photos/videos with tough deadlines for our website, our social media platforms and other communication tools. You might work as a text producer, a social media administrator and/or photographer or other. To be a text producer you need to have excellent knowledge in Swedish and English. Being able to speak and write French or German or another language is beneficial.

As a photographer you need to know more than how to switch the on-button on the camera and you need to have some knowledge of working in editing programs such as Photoshop and/or Final Cut and Premiere Pro. If you’re working in social media you need to have relatively good knowledge of how to use the tools available on Facebook and Instagram and know the Åre 2019 social media policies.
If you’ve worked in media before, you know what it is like to sweat under the pressure of tough deadlines. The same conditions apply during this event so it’s definitely a good thing if you’ve worked in media before.
As a photographer or writer, or both, you will have access to areas where most others won’t get in so you need to be aware of the rules that apply to different areas. But it also means you will have more fun.

Facility service

Are you a Bob the builder type of person? Do you like to look after facilities and see that they are working as they should? Are you a doer who don’t see things as problems? Boy, do we have a place for you in our facility team! This job can also include some snow shoveling, sanding and other maintenance type of jobs. Whether you're a trained electrician or simply enjoy handyman work as a hobby, we have plenty of exciting tasks for you.


Being one of the drivers during this World Championships means you will pick up and drop off event personnel at the airports both in Åre/Östersund and Trondheim. During the event, you will be on call for other errands requiring transportation of both people and goods. Working knowledge of English is required.


When working with information you have to be updated on the latest news, always be active and informative when talking to guests, and know what to answer. The guests who are visiting this event are going to assume you have the answer to all their questions, big or small. You may also be assigned as a spectator services host in the venue to make sure all spectators are well looked after. Of course, we won't leave you hanging. You will receive proper training and assistance, as well as access to updated information during the event. Working knowledge of English is required.


As a media volunteer you will assist in operation of event Media Registration and Media Center. Duties include but are not limited to: set up and demolition of media work spaces; registration of international and national press corps; distribution of media-specific materials (Photo Armbands, Media Inspection Cards); general event information distribution; photo copying and distribution of race-specific information (Start Orders, Results, World Cup Points lists), answering telephones and general questions, and processing of additional general administrative duties. Volunteers must follow defined protocol when interacting with athletes, teams and their support staff. Requirements: Volunteers must be professional, courteous and pleasant. You must be prepared to work with international deadlines and be able to handle pressure situations. Knowledge of alpine ski racing and prior media work experience are beneficial. Knowledge of the event, Åre Ski Resort, and surrounding area is necessary. Second language skills are beneficial.



Parking guards

As a parking guard you will guide guests to find parking which might not sound like a big job but since you are probably the first representative of the 2019 organization that they meet, and because we want to avoid parking chaos, your role is very important. The job entails showing people where they can park and also stop traffic that is not allowed in certain areas.



You will act as an access monitor and ensure that only people with the correct accreditation are allowed into accredited spaces around the venue. Polite but firm manner is essential for this role.


You will be selling tickets and giving out information on where people should go. You will be handling money, both cash and by credit card.

Volunteer and team hospitality

In our volunteer and team hospitality teams you are going to be helping with a lot of different tasks such as making sure that both volunteers and teams are well taken care of during the event. You will be positioned either at the volunteer center or in the team hospitality lounge to ensure that all support services are running smoothly.