Remote and vibrant

For centuries, Åre has attracted visitors from all over the world. Despite its remote location in the sparsely populated province of Jämtland, Åre is the alpine centre of Scandinavia where locals and visitors alike enjoy some of the best skiing in Northern Europe. The village is home to some 1400 people but is buzzing with activity all year round, thanks to its international feel, its vibrant business life and at the heart of it all — the outdoors which is a constant reminder of nature’s greatness.

A landmark mountain

The prominent mountain Åreskutan rises above the village, with its peak covered in snow from November to June. The mountain and its ever changing weather conditions inspire people to open their minds as to what is possible in terms of adapting to its presence, always finding new creative ways of living and working as one with the mighty giant. It resides alone at its altitude of 1420 metres above sea level, making it a landmark visible even from Östersund, 100 kilometers away. It is also what makes Åre stand out – where other resorts are often situated in the middle of a mountain range surrounded by similar peaks, Åreskutan stands taller than its neighbors.


The province of Jämtland, where the indigenous Sami people have been living for centuries, and the western parts of the province where Åre is situated is known for its harsh beauty. The landscape is covered with peaks, waterfalls, lakes and hosts an incredible wildlife where bear, reindeer, moose, the coy lynx and the even rarer wolverine can be found. The weather is not always hospitable as the close proximity to the Atlantic ocean and the Scandes Mountain Range make the weather conditions hard at times. Blizzards and hard winds up to 20 metres per second (the average wind record for the peak is 48 metres per second) is not entirely unusual. The warming effect of the Gulf Stream combined with hard westerly winds contributes to heavy icing at the top of the mountain. But the geographical location is also what makes the conditions for skiing, biking, climbing and hiking so great with heavy snowfall as well as warm and beautiful spring- and summer days.

Great scenery

Jämtland is home to some 126 000 people spread over an area not far from the same size as Switzerland (which is home to over eight million inhabitants) and in many places the landscape has been left basically untouched by human activity. The impressive waterfall Tännforsen, with its output of up to 400 cubic metres of water per second, and its smaller but more easily accessible Ristafallet are examples of popular attractions for both locals and visitors, and attract hordes of guests every year.

Plenty to do

There is never a shortage of leisure activities: bicycling in the summer, white water rafting, hiking, paragliding, cross country and alpine skiing in the winter, horseback riding – the alternatives are close to infinite. And in the last days of summer, when autumn is closing in, Ullådalen, Vålådalen and many other places around Åre show themselves at their best as they’re covered in flowers, berries and tasty mushrooms. Local companies are proud to represent the region in which they reside and offer locally produced food, goods and products. Many of the best chefs in Sweden have restaurants in and around Åre, housed in traditional Jämtlandic buildings, typical for this part of the world.

Enjoy Åre

Despite its modest size, despite its remote location and despite its at times hard weather conditions, you will never be bored in Åre. Whether you are a fully fledged mountaineer or a beginner, you will find your place in this pearl of a village. Enjoy!

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