In 2019 Åre will host the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. 120 000 visitors will come to Åre to enjoy world class skiing and to take part in the celebration. 1500 volunteers, 1300 media representatives, sponsors, partners, TV broadcasters and others will also be in Åre during the Championships.

We have now filled our quota of accommodation. That means we will not collect or handle any new information about accommodation in Åre. If you wish to rent your accommodation we recommend that you try renting it on, Air BnB or other private channels. 
Any submitted requests that have already been sent in by house owners will still be administered and we will contact you as soon as we have found a matching customer. 

If you still want to rent your housing during the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships we recommend that you try to rent it out on (similar to the Yellow Pages) or via Air BnB. Below you can find frequently asked questions that applies to all house owners in and around Åre town. If you need help with prizing or similar questions, please have a look!



Selling points

Making your accommodation look attractive is important. Images, a nice text and maybe a short description of the area where your accommodation is situated are nice selling points. It is important for all guests to know if one or more of the available beds in your house/apartment is a loft or an alcove where there is no door that can be closed. Any pictures displayed should be clear and preferably show all the rooms in your house / apartment and maybe even the exterior. Many of our guests are international and it will make it easier if it is possible to include bed linen and final cleaning (and sometimes cleaning during the rental period). The text should be in English or in both English and Swedish.


Make sure to write a rental contract which includes all the details concerning the rental of your housing, including payment, final cleaning, bed linen and the handling of keys/codes etcetera. If your tenant owners’ association/ co-operative have any special rules regarding, for example, recycling and sound levels, that should be included in the contract. There are plenty of templates on the Internet if you feel unsure of how to do it.

How do I price my housing?

How you choose to price your housing is up to you. If you are not sure, go to SkiStar och Mittiare and search for an accommodation similar to yours and see how they are priced. Because the championships-period is already fully rented we recommend that you look at week 9 or the Easter holiday as those periods are priced the same as during the championships. Remember that the lower the price, the easier it gets, and an apartment in the middle of town can cost more than a similar apartment further from town. As a reference, a double room at a hotel costs around 2300 SEK/night and that includes spa, breakfast, access to training facilities and daily cleaning. Please keep that in mind when pricing your housing. Many of the guests wish to stay in single or double rooms. 

Do you have general questions regarding accommodation?

A lot of people are contacting us about renting and we try to answer all questions as soon as possible. Unfortunately we are not able to help you with the pricing of your housing, writing contracts, images etcetera. If you have questions about hotels, apartments etcetera we recommend that you contact SkiStar or Mitt i Åre.