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Niklas Carlsson

Niklas Carlsson


+46 72 731 20 19

Niklas has had many positions in the world of alpine skiing next to his name. He started his career when he moved to the skiing high school in Sollefteå, Sweden, as a teenager. Since then, he’s held positions including Coach, Head Coach and Director of the Swedish Alpine Ski Team, Secretary General of the Swedish Ski Association and Event & Sponsor Manager at FIS, the International Ski Federation. Since 2014, he is CEO of Åre 2019.

Anders Sundqvist

Anders Sundqvist

Sport Director

+46 70 559 20 07

What this ice hockey loving alpine expert doesn’t know about alpine skiing is not worth knowing. On his CV, you can find roles such as General Manager of the top Swedish Ice Hockey Club Luleå, Head Coach of the Swedish Alpine Ski Team and National Team Manager at the Swedish Ski Association, among other things. Anders – or Sunken as most people call him – is now Sports Director for Åre 2019 AB, working closely with Hans Olsson.

Kaj Linde

Kaj Linde

Event Director

+46 70 542 92 29

Kaj decided to come to Åre from his hometown Stockholm for the love of snow and skiing. When he was offered the opportunity to work for Åre 2019 AB, he didn’t hesitate and is now our Event Director. In other words, Kaj is in charge of making sure everything works, from food services to advertising and much more, at our events. In addition, he is in charge of the City Event World Cup at Hammarbybacken, Stockholm, which Åre 2019 will host annually up until 2019.


Håkan Hansson

Håkan Hansson

Marketing Director

+46 70 559 00 59

Few people represent the spirit of a true local entrepreneur as well as our Marketing Director. Håkan moved from a small village in Jämtland to Åre when he was 16 years old, and then went on to win the moguls Olympic test event at the Calgary 1988 Games. From 1990-2004, Håkan was Sales Manager at Peak Performance during the brand’s build up and vast international expansion. Later he became the owner of the local sports shop Hanson in Åre. Today he handles sponsorship and marketing for Åre 2019 AB.

Karin Stolt Halvarsson

Karin Stolt Halvarsson

Media and Broadcasting Director

+46 76 828 20 07

After a career in alpine racing and moguls and several years of working as a teacher, Karin became  CEO of the Åre World Cup. She was in charge of staging numerous FIS Ski World Cup events and with that experience, she is a natural part of Åre 2019 AB. In her role as Media & Broadcasting Director, she makes all media as well as volunteers feel welcome and well taken care of.

John Crawford Currie

John Crawford Currie

Creative Director

+46 70 512 14 13

Like the rest of the team, the love of skiing is what brings John into the business of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2019. Our Creative Director is an obsessive design perfectionist who feels most at ease when he gets to play all the fiddles. He manages the look and feel of Åre 2019 and with his multifaceted experience, is the perfect person for the job.

Ville Bylin

Ville Bylin

Chief Financial Officer

+46 70 372 01 45

A former ski racer, now a family man and holder of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree became the Alpine Director for the Swedish Alpine Ski Team at the age of 35. After much consideration he chose to do other things and left his position after two seasons but has now returned to the ski business as the event’s CFO. His expertise in skiing and finance is a great combination for Åre 2019 AB.

Hans Olsson

Hans Olsson

Assistant Sport Director

+46 70 930 70 05

Hans has been called the ”world’s fastest glider in downhill.” In 2015, he chose to end his alpine career after 155 starts and two podiums in the FIS Ski World Cup, along with numerous national championships medals. He is now Assistant Sports Director for Åre 2019, making sure the competitions are carried out according to rules and regulations, but also with a lot of heart. Hans is especially passionate about making every event a good show.

Niina Haaslahti

Niina Haaslahti

Head of Operations and Services

+46 70 237 75 75

Niina joined the world of skiing some time before the Olympic Games in Vancouver by happenstance, as she describes it. Since then, she’s worked with various event organizers in different sports and is now Head of Operations and Services at Åre 2019 AB. We are very happy to have this competent and experienced Finn on board as our ”go-to-person.”

Lisa Johansson

Lisa Johansson

Communications & PR Coordinator

+46 73 040 12 90

Our most junior associate is a former sports journalist, who moved back to Jämtland in 2014 after living in Gothenburg, Oslo, Paris and Malmö. Lisa started working with Åre 2019 AB in December 2016. Her love for all kinds of skiing comes from growing up in the mountains of Jämtland. She is now in charge of the management and publication of content on our social media channels and the website as well as being the spokesperson and contact for any media inquiries.

Jenny Lang

Jenny Lang

Accommodation Manager

+46 70 311 22 92

Jenny was in her early twenties, when her love for the mountains brought her to Åre from Ockelbo, on the East coast. She started out as a seasonal worker and seventeen years later she is still here, living in the village and now working as Accommodation Manager for Åre 2019 AB. Jenny is basically the one who makes sure everyone has a bed to sleep in and a roof over their heads when they come to Åre: the media, volunteers and athletes alike.

Inna Westerlund

Inna Westerlund

Accounting Manager


After making a few ski bum trips abroad, Inna moved to Åre from the South of Sweden almost 18 years ago to ski regularly. Since then, she’s worked as ski instructor, sports shop manager and tailor. She started working in economics while completing a course of related studies, and today she manages all bookkeeping for Åre 2019 AB. In addition, she is the fairy godmother when it comes to taking care of everything in the office, and the people who work there.

Madelene Aalto

Madelene Aalto

Assistant Volunteer & Accreditation Manager


This globetrotting ski lover comes from Borlänge but made Åre home after returning to Sweden from a ski holiday to Canada in 2014. Apart from her love of alpine and cross-country skiing, Madelene takes an interest in downhill biking. Thanks to her long experience of working in customer care and other jobs where social skills are important, she is made for the job of assistant volunteer manager.

Riikka Rakic

Riikka Rakic

Head of Sustainability

+41 79 – 643 42 81

Riikka has been working with the legacy and sustainability of major events for the past five years which makes her well suited for her position as Head of Sustainability in the Åre 2019 organization. She has more than 15 years of experience working with winter sports events including her previous role with the International Ski Federation (FIS). In 2005, she was tasked with developing a brand new event now quite well known in the ski world: the FIS Tour de Ski. This knowledgeable environmentalist loves skiing of all kinds, but also riding her bikes, doing yoga and crossfit.

Nisse Schmidt

Nisse Schmidt

Photo Coordinator

+46 70-367 0777


Legacy and Sustainability

Since the beginning of the project, we at Åre 2019 have been focused on delivering positive legacies and making sustainable choices in all our planning and preparations. 

Our vision to Inspire the World to Ski has been the driving force behind our main investment decisions. The new Arena House and the slopes both in the Swedish Alpine National Arena and in Duved are examples of our work towards achieving that vision.

Arena House

The Arena House extension to the existing finish area building will be one of the key legacies of Åre 2019. It will provide substantial high quality space for the annual FIS Ski World Cup events in Åre post-2019. The new building will also enable the Swedish Ski Association to set up a new research and development facility, including a gym reserved for elite athletes. This center will play a key role in the National Team’s future activities, at least until the next FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Åre.

Improved training facilities

Other investments made together with resort operator Skistar in the National Arena and in Duved have further strengthened Åre’s position as the leading training venue in Sweden. Enhancements including improved snow-making, new safety installations and additional flood-lighting enable an even longer training season and safer conditions for ski clubs and school programs from all around the country to train in Åre.

The Most Sustainable FIS Alpine World Ski Championships Ever

One of the four objectives of Åre 2019 is to stage the championships with great respect for the environment. Indeed, our sustainability strategy goes beyond the environmental dimension and includes social and economic sustainability considerations as well. 

As a rule of thumb, we are great believers in making various daily choices that are more sustainable than any conventional solutions, rather than trying to reach for 100% radical solutions that require massive behavioral change and never materialize.

Our sustainability goals include:

>> Setting a new benchmark in sustainable winter sports event management, including being certified to the ISO 20121 standard for sustainable events in good time before February 2019

>> Increasing awareness of sustainability issues among all Åre 2019 stakeholders from the ski family to the local community, the government and partners and sponsors 

>> Leaving a significant legacy for FIS, the sport of ski racing and winter sports in general in terms of working tools and best practice examples

Åre 2019 Sustainability Priorities

1. Infrastructure
Long-term sustainability of infrastructure and operations through smart temporary solutions, efficient energy and water management, connection to district heating whenever possible, use of renewable energy for heating and power.

Sustainable resource use through smart procurement, waste minimization and 3R (Reduce – Reuse – Recycle)

Sustainable mobility solutions as priority for all transport during the event

Focus on the health and development of both workforce and community through provision of healthy options, incorporation of local youngsters and students into Åre 2019 activities, highlighting the regional uniqueness through events and ceremonies.

Carbon neutral FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, including pre- and post-event calculations together with Quantis and Luleå University and local offset solutions.

Åre 2019 Sustainability Commitments

Fossil-Fuel Free World Championships
A pledge made together with the County Government of Jämtland and the 2019 IBU Biathlon World Championships in Östersund. Read more here.

70% Journeys with Sustainable Transport 

Creative ticket packages and priority for public transport and renewable energy solutions through partnerships

At Least 50% of Waste Recycled, Reused or Recovered

Focused solutions in cooperation with Municipality of Åre and Håll Sverige Rent

50% Purchases Using Sustainable Sourcing Criteria

The five questions before every purchase:
Where does it come from?
Who made it?
What is it made of?
What is it wrapped in?
What will happen to it after the event?

50% of Sustainable Food and Beverage

In partnership with the Federation of Swedish Farmers and local industry